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DOI 10.3390/su10072455
Licence creative commons licence
Title (Primary) Gaps and research demand for sustainability certification and standardisation in a sustainable bio-based economy in the EU
Author Majer, S.; Wurster, S.; Moosmann, D.; Ladu, L.; Sumfleth, B.; Thrän, D.
Source Titel Sustainability
Year 2018
Volume 10
Issue 7
Page From art. 2455
Language englisch
Keywords bio-based economy; sustainability; certification; standardisation; sustainability criteria; gaps; sustainability assessment
Abstract The concept of the bio-based economy has gained increasing attention and importance in recent years. It is seen as a chance to reduce the dependency on fossil resources while securing a sustainable supply of energy, water, and raw materials, and furthermore preserving soils, climate and the environment. The intended transformation is characterized by economic, environmental and social challenges and opportunities, and it is understood as a social transition process towards a sustainable, bio-based and nature-oriented economy. This process requires general mechanisms to establish and monitor safeguards for a sustainable development of the bio-based economy on a national and EU level. Sustainability certification and standardisation of bio-based products can help to manage biogenic resources and their derived products in a sustainable manner. In this paper, we have analysed the current status of sustainability certification and standardisation in the bio-based economy by conducting comprehensive desktop research, which was complemented by a series of expert interviews. The analysis revealed an impressive amount of existing certification frameworks, criteria, indicators and applicable standards. However, relevant gaps relating to existing criteria sets, the practical implementation of criteria in certification processes, the legislative framework, end-of-life processes, as well as necessary standardisation activities, were identified which require further research and development to improve sustainability certification and standardisation for a growing bio-based economy.
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Majer, S., Wurster, S., Moosmann, D., Ladu, L., Sumfleth, B., Thrän, D. (2018):
Gaps and research demand for sustainability certification and standardisation in a sustainable bio-based economy in the EU
Sustainability 10 (7), art. 2455 10.3390/su10072455