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DOI 10.1002/mnfr.201700726
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Title (Primary) Vitamin D does not play a functional role in adipose tissue development in rodent models
Author Schutkowski, A.; Max, D.; Bönn, M.; Brandsch, C.; Grundmann, S.M.; Hirche, F.; Staege, M.S.; Stangl, G.I.
Source Titel Molecular Nutrition & Food Research
Year 2018
Department BOOEK; iDiv
Volume 62
Issue 4
Page From art. 1700726
Language englisch
Keywords adipocytes; adipose tissue; vitamin D
UFZ wide themes RU1;


Several studies have proposed a role of vitamin D in adipogenesis. Here, we sought to study the impact of the vitamin D receptor (Vdr) on adipocyte size in young and old mice and the effect of maternal vitamin D deficiency on fetal adipogenesis.

Methods and results

Histological analysis of adipose tissues shows that Vdr knockout (KO) mice have smaller adipocytes than wild-type (WT) mice. Next, we compare young and old Vdr-KO and WT mice and find no differences in adipocyte sizes between weaned Vdr-KO and WT mice. However, 1-year-old Vdr-KO mice, suffering from alopecia, have smaller-sized adipocytes than WT mice, although they consume more food. To elucidate whether vitamin D can directly impact adipocyte development at a critical stage of adipogenesis, we feed rat dams a vitamin D deficient (0 IU kg−1) or vitamin D adequate (1000 IU kg−1) diet. Neither DNA microarray analysis of the adipose tissues of the newborn rats nor the adipocyte sizes of 21-day-old offspring show significant differences between the two groups.


Data indicate that vitamin D does not play a fundamental role in adipogenesis because vitamin D does not affect fetal adipogenesis. Moreover, the smaller adipocytes observed in adult Vdr-KO mice are presumably caused by an increased energy expenditure due to alopecia.

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Schutkowski, A., Max, D., Bönn, M., Brandsch, C., Grundmann, S.M., Hirche, F., Staege, M.S., Stangl, G.I. (2018):
Vitamin D does not play a functional role in adipose tissue development in rodent models
Mol. Nutr. Food Res. 62 (4), art. 1700726 10.1002/mnfr.201700726