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Title (Primary) Laser scanning microscopy
Title (Secondary) Methods for general and molecular microbiology
Author Lawrence, J.R.; Neu, T.R.
Publisher Reddy, C.A.; Beveridge, T.J.; Breznak, J.A.; Marzluf, G.A.; Schmidt, T.M.; Snyder, L.R.
Year 2007
Department FLOEK
Page From 34
Page To 53
Language englisch
UFZ inventory Leipzig, Bibliothek, Hauptlesesaal, 00456104, 11-1188
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Lawrence, J.R., Neu, T.R. (2007):
Laser scanning microscopy
In: Reddy, C.A., Beveridge, T.J., Breznak, J.A., Marzluf, G.A., Schmidt, T.M., Snyder, L.R. (eds.)
Methods for general and molecular microbiology
ASM Press, Washington, DC, p. 34 - 53