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Title (Primary) Impact of hydrogeological factors on groundwater salinization due to ocean-surge inundation
Author Yang, J.; Zhang, H.; Yu, X.; Graf, T.; Michael, H.A.;
Journal Advances in Water Resources
Year 2018
Department HDG;
Volume 111
Language englisch;
POF III (all) T31;
Keywords Ocean surge; Coastal aquifer; Salinization; Hydrogeological characteristics
UFZ wide themes RU2;
Abstract Ocean surges cause seawater inundation of coastal inland areas. Subsequently, seawater infiltrates into coastal aquifers and threatens the fresh groundwater resource. The severity of resulting salinization can be affected by hydrogeological factors including aquifer properties and hydrologic conditions, however, little research has been done to assess these effects. To understand the impacts of hydrogeological factors on groundwater salinization, we numerically simulated an ocean-surge inundation event on a two-dimensional conceptual coastal aquifer using a coupled surface-subsurface approach. We varied model permeability (including anisotropy), inland hydraulic gradient, and recharge rate. Three salinization-assessment indicators were developed, based on flushing time, depth of salt penetration, and a combination of the two, weighted flushing time, with which the impact of hydrogeological factors on groundwater vulnerability to salinization were quantitatively assessed. The vulnerability of coastal aquifers increases with increasing isotropic permeability. Low horizontal permeability (k(x)) and high vertical permeability (k(z)) lead to high aquifer vulnerability, and high kx and low kz lead to low aquifer vulnerability. Vulnerability decreases with increasing groundwater hydraulic gradient and increasing recharge rate. Additionally, coastal aquifers with a low recharge rate (R <= 300 mm yr(-1)) may be highly vulnerable to ocean-surge inundation. This study shows how the newly introduced indicators can be used to quantitatively assess coastal aquifer vulnerability. The results are important for global vulnerability assessment of coastal aquifers to ocean-surge inundation.
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Yang, J., Zhang, H., Yu, X., Graf, T., Michael, H.A. (2018):
Impact of hydrogeological factors on groundwater salinization due to ocean-surge inundation
Adv. Water Resour. 111 , 423 - 434