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Reference Category Edited books
DOI 10.14324/111.9781787352339
Title (Primary) Citizen science: innovation in open science, society and policy
Publisher Hecker, S.; Haklay, M.; Bowser, A.; Makuch, Z.; Vogel, J.; Bonn, A. ORCID logo
Year 2018
Department iDiv; ESS
Page To 496
Language englisch
Keywords citizen science; participation; public policy; social aspects; technological innovations
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Abstract Citizen science, the active participation of the public in scientific research projects, is a rapidly expanding field in open science and open innovation. It provides an integrated model of public knowledge production and engagement with science. As a growing worldwide phenomenon, it is invigorated by evolving new technologies that connect people easily and effectively with the scientific community. Catalysed by citizens’ wishes to be actively involved in scientific processes, as a result of recent societal trends, it also offers contributions to the rise in tertiary education. In addition, citizen science provides a valuable tool for citizens to play a more active role in sustainable development. This book identifies and explains the role of citizen science within innovation in science and society, and as a vibrant and productive science-policy interface. The scope of this volume is global, geared towards identifying solutions and lessons to be applied across science, practice and policy. The chapters consider the role of citizen science in the context of the wider agenda of open science and open innovation, and discuss progress towards responsible research and innovation, two of the most critical aspects of science today.
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Hecker, S., Haklay, M., Bowser, A., Makuch, Z., Vogel, J., Bonn, A. (eds., 2018):
Citizen science: innovation in open science, society and policy
UCL Press, London, 496 pp.