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DOI 10.1016/j.apcatb.2008.12.014
Title (Primary) Fe-zeolites as catalysts for chemical oxidation of MTBE in water with H2O2
Author Gonzalez-Olmos, R.; Roland, U.; Toufar, H.; Kopinke, F.-D.; Georgi, A.
Source Titel Applied Catalysis B-Environmental
Year 2009
Department TUCHEM
Volume 89
Issue 3-4
Page From 356
Page To 364
Language englisch
Keywords MTBE; Zeolites; Fenton; Advanced Oxidation Processes; Adsorption; Kinetics
Abstract The heterogeneous catalytic wet oxidation of methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) with hydrogen peroxide, catalyzed by the iron-containing zeolites Fe-ZSM5 and Fe-Beta, was studied at ambient conditions and pH 7. The kinetics of MTBE degradation could be well-fitted to a pseudo-first-order model. Using Fe-ZSM5, the dependence of the reaction rate constant on hydrogen peroxide and catalyst concentration was determined. Furthermore, the formation and oxidation of tert-butyl alcohol and tert-butyl formate as intermediates of MTBE oxidation were studied. A comparison of the reaction rates of MTBE, trichloroethylene and diethyl ether in the Fe-ZSM5/H2O2 system revealed that adsorption plays a positive role for the degradation reaction.Comparing the two types of Fe-containing zeolites applied in this study, Fe-Beta showed a lower catalytic activity for H2O2 decomposition and also MTBE degradation. However, in terms of utilization of H2O2 for MTBE degradation Fe-Beta is advantageous over Fe-ZSM5. This could be explained by the stronger adsorptive enrichment of MTBE on the Fe-Beta zeolite. This study shows that Fe-containing zeolites are promising catalysts for oxidative degradation of MTBE by H2O2.
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Gonzalez-Olmos, R., Roland, U., Toufar, H., Kopinke, F.-D., Georgi, A. (2009):
Fe-zeolites as catalysts for chemical oxidation of MTBE in water with H2O2
Appl. Catal. B-Environ. 89 (3-4), 356 - 364 10.1016/j.apcatb.2008.12.014