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Title (Primary) Open tundra persist, but arctic features decline—Vegetation changes in the warming Fennoscandian tundra
Author Vuorinen, K.E.M.; Oksanen, L.; Oksanen, T.; Pyykönen, A.; Olofsson, J.; Virtanen, R.;
Journal Global Change Biology
Year 2017
Department iDiv; PHYDIV;
Volume 23
Issue 9
Language englisch;
POF III (all) T11;
Supplements https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/action/downloadSupplement?doi=10.1111%2Fgcb.13710&attachmentId=172354143
Keywords alpine; arctic; climate change; disturbance; Empetrum nigrum ; lichens; mosses; reindeer; tree line; tundra; vegetation
UFZ wide themes RU1
Abstract In the forest-tundra ecotone of the North Fennoscandian inland, summer and winter temperatures have increased by two to three centigrades since 1965, which is expected to result in major vegetation changes. To document the expected expansion of woodlands and scrublands and its impact on the arctic vegetation, we repeated a vegetation transect study conducted in 1976 in the Darju, spanning from woodland to a summit, 200 m above the tree line. Contrary to our expectations, tree line movement was not detected, and there was no increase in willows or shrubby mountain birches, either. Nevertheless, the stability of tundra was apparent. Small-sized, poorly competing arctic species had declined, lichen cover had decreased, and vascular plants, especially evergreen ericoid dwarf shrubs, had gained ground. The novel climate seems to favour competitive clonal species and species thriving in closed vegetation, creating a community hostile for seedling establishment, but equally hostile for many arctic species, too. Preventing trees and shrubs from invading the tundra is thus not sufficient for conserving arctic biota in the changing climate. The only dependable cure is to stop the global warming.
ID 19136
Persistent UFZ Identifier https://www.ufz.de/index.php?en=20939&ufzPublicationIdentifier=19136
Vuorinen, K.E.M., Oksanen, L., Oksanen, T., Pyykönen, A., Olofsson, J., Virtanen, R. (2017):
Open tundra persist, but arctic features decline—Vegetation changes in the warming Fennoscandian tundra
Glob. Change Biol. 23 (9), 3794 - 3807