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DOI 10.3897/zookeys.685.13625
Title (Primary) Proposal for an index to evaluate dichotomous keys
Author Nguyen, V.S.; Wiemers, M. ORCID logo ; Settele, J.
Journal ZooKeys
Year 2017
Department BZF; iDiv
Volume 685
Page From 83
Page To 89
Language englisch
Keywords index, dichotomous key, evaluation
UFZ wide themes RU1;
Abstract Dichotomous keys are the most popular type of identification keys. Studies have been conducted to evaluate dichotomous keys in many aspects. In this paper we propose an index for quantitative evaluation of dichotomous keys (Edicho). The index is based on the evenness and allows comparing identification keys of different sizes.
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Nguyen, V.S., Wiemers, M., Settele, J. (2017):
Proposal for an index to evaluate dichotomous keys
ZooKeys 685 , 83 - 89