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Title (Primary) Molecular phylogenies indicate a Paleo-Tibetan origin of Himalayan lazy toads (Scutiger)
Author Hofmann, S.; Stöck, M.; Zheng, Y.; Ficetola, G.F.; Li, J.-T.; Scheidt, U.; Schmidt, J.;
Journal Scientific Reports
Year 2017
Department NSF;
Volume 7
Language englisch;
POF III (all) T12;
UFZ wide themes RU1
Abstract The Himalaya presents an outstanding geologically active orogen and biodiversity hotspot. However, our understanding of the historical biogeography of its fauna is far from comprehensive. Many taxa are commonly assumed to have originated from China-Indochina and dispersed westward along the Himalayan chain. Alternatively, the “Tibetan-origin hypothesis” suggests primary diversification of lineages in Paleo-Tibet, and secondary diversification along the slopes of the later uplifted Greater Himalaya. We test these hypotheses in high-mountain megophryid anurans (Scutiger). Extensive sampling from High Asia, and analyses of mitochondrial (2839 bp) and nuclear DNA (2208 bp), using Bayesian and Maximum likelihood phylogenetics, suggest that the Himalayan species form a distinct clade, possibly older than those from the eastern Himalaya-Tibet orogen. While immigration from China-Indochina cannot be excluded, our data may indicate that Himalayan Scutiger originated to the north of the Himalaya by colonization from Paleo-Tibet and then date back to the Oligocene. High intraspecific diversity of Scutiger implies limited migration across mountains and drainages along the Himalaya. While our study strengthens support for a “Tibetan-origin hypothesis”, current sampling (10/22 species; 1 revalidated: S. occidentalis) remains insufficient to draw final conclusions on Scutiger but urges comparative phylogeographers to test alternative, geologically supported hypotheses for a true future understanding of Himalayan biogeography.
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Hofmann, S., Stöck, M., Zheng, Y., Ficetola, G.F., Li, J.-T., Scheidt, U., Schmidt, J. (2017):
Molecular phylogenies indicate a Paleo-Tibetan origin of Himalayan lazy toads (Scutiger)
Sci. Rep. 7 , art. 3308