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Title (Primary) Restoration planning to guide Aichi targets in a megadiverse country
Author Tobón, W.; Urquiza-Haas, T.; Koleff, P.; Schröter, M.; Ortega-Álvarez, R.; Campo, J.; Lindig-Cisneros, R.; Sarukhán, J.; Bonn, A.;
Journal Conservation Biology
Year 2017
Department iDiv; ESS;
Volume 31
Issue 5
Language englisch;
POF III (all) T12;
Keywords systematic conservation planning; spatial multi-criteria analysis; participatory process; key biodiversity sites; restoration feasibility
UFZ wide themes RU1
Abstract Ecological restoration has become an important conservation strategy to safeguard biodiversity and ecosystems services. To restore 15% of degraded ecosystems as stipulated by the CBD Aichi target 15, we developed a prioritization framework to identify potential priority sites for restoration in a megadiverse country. Based on a restoration planning approach and involving stakeholders and experts throughout the process, we used the most current data on biological and environmental information in Mexico to assess areas of biological importance and restoration feasibility at national scale. We integrated criteria reflecting these two components using a spatial multi-criteria evaluation and generated eleven different scenarios to test the effect of integrating the components with distinct weights. The identified priority scenario represents a clear spatial guide where restoration could potentially enhance the persistence of species of conservation concern and vulnerable ecosystems while maximizing the likelihood of restoration success. This spatial prioritization is a first step to inform policy makers and restoration planners where to focus efforts towards local and large scale restoration programs, which should further incorporate social and monetary cost-benefit considerations.
ID 18738
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Tobón, W., Urquiza-Haas, T., Koleff, P., Schröter, M., Ortega-Álvarez, R., Campo, J., Lindig-Cisneros, R., Sarukhán, J., Bonn, A. (2017):
Restoration planning to guide Aichi targets in a megadiverse country
Conserv. Biol. 31 (5), 1086 - 1097