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Title (Primary) Rivers and lakes in European cities : past and future challenges
Author Kampa, E.; Anzaldúa, G.; Langaas, S.; Kristensen, P.; Schmedtje, U.; Isoard, S.; Georgi, B.; Cugny‑Seguin, M.; Bulc, T.G.; Klemenčič, A.K.; Jankovič, M.; Popit, S.; Seršen, N.J.; Pas, Y.; Roerink, J.; Gutiérrez, F.A.; Cifuentes y de la Cerra, N.; del Carmen Molina, M.; Wawryn, W.; Waack- Zając, A.; Wagner, I.; Ofenböck, T.; England, J.; Shuker, L.; Oshea, R.; Webb, D.; Panksep, K.; Miller, S.; Fergus, T.; Salonsaari, J.; Kirner, S.; Scholz, M. ORCID logo ; Wilke, T.; Riedel, J.; Vlaic, M.; Guérin, S.; Terrens, I.; Haesevoets, A.; Møller Pedersen, C.; Jensen, I.H.; Chiru, E.; Gabor, O.; State, R.; Roussel, A.-C.; Catrinoiu, D.
Journal EEA Report
Year 2016
Department NSF
Volume 26/2016
Page To 51
Language englisch
Keywords town; town planning; lake; watercourse; water management; surface water; inland waters; report
UFZ wide themes RU2;
Abstract Most European cities have at least one river or lake crossing their urban landscape. Urbanisation has come at a cost to rivers and lakes, as they have been heavily degraded to enable development, carry waste, supply drinking water and facilitate transport and industry.
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Kampa, E., Anzaldúa, G., Langaas, S., Kristensen, P., Schmedtje, U., Isoard, S., Georgi, B., Cugny‑Seguin, M., Bulc, T.G., Klemenčič, A.K., Jankovič, M., Popit, S., Seršen, N.J., Pas, Y., Roerink, J., Gutiérrez, F.A., Cifuentes y de la Cerra, N., del Carmen Molina, M., Wawryn, W., Waack- Zając, A., Wagner, I., Ofenböck, T., England, J., Shuker, L., Oshea, R., Webb, D., Panksep, K., Miller, S., Fergus, T., Salonsaari, J., Kirner, S., Scholz, M., Wilke, T., Riedel, J., Vlaic, M., Guérin, S., Terrens, I., Haesevoets, A., Møller Pedersen, C., Jensen, I.H., Chiru, E., Gabor, O., State, R., Roussel, A.-C., Catrinoiu, D. (2016):
Rivers and lakes in European cities : past and future challenges
EEA Report 26/2016
Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg, 51 pp.