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DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-41811-7_16
Title (Primary) Fate of phenolic compounds in constructed wetlands treating contaminated water
Title (Secondary) Phytoremediation : management of environmental contaminants. Vol. 4
Author Stefanakis, A.I.; Thullner, M.
Publisher Ansari, A.A.; Gill, S.S.; Gill, R.; Lanza, G.R.; Newman, L.
Year 2016
Department UMB
Page From 311
Page To 325
Language englisch
Keywords Constructed wetlands; Phenols; Horizontal flow; Vertical flow; Removal processes; Biodegradation; Sorption; Plant uptake; Efficiency
UFZ wide themes RU3;
Abstract Phenolic compounds are used in many industrial processes and, thus, are found in various wastewaters of industrial origin. Their main source is the chemical and the petrochemical industry, but they are also present in many agro-industrial wastewaters (e.g., olive mill effluents). Phenolic compounds are considered priority pollutants with potential toxic and carcinogenic effects and should be treated and removed from water sources. Advanced oxidation processes have been applied for their removal, but their high operation and maintenance costs, complexity, and energy-intensive nature make these technologies unsustainable and often infeasible. On the other hand, Constructed Wetlands are characterized by lower operational costs, low energy consumption, and green appearance, which make them a sustainable, environmentally friendly treatment method. These systems have also been tested for the treatment of waters containing phenolic compounds. Current experience implies that Constructed Wetlands can effectively remove a series of different phenolic compounds from wastewaters, even at high concentrations. This chapter summarizes the state-of-the-art knowledge regarding the range of applications and the overall effectiveness of phenolic compounds treated in different Constructed Wetland systems.
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Stefanakis, A.I., Thullner, M. (2016):
Fate of phenolic compounds in constructed wetlands treating contaminated water
In: Ansari, A.A., Gill, S.S., Gill, R., Lanza, G.R., Newman, L. (eds.)
Phytoremediation : management of environmental contaminants. Vol. 4
Springer International Publishing, Cham, p. 311 - 325 10.1007/978-3-319-41811-7_16