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Title (Primary) CO2 emissions from German drinking water reservoirs
Author Saidi, H.; Koschorreck, M.;
Journal Science of the Total Environment
Year 2017
Department SEEFO;
Volume 581-582
Language englisch;
POF III (all) T31;
Keywords Greenhouse gases; Carbon dioxide flux; pH; Gas transfer coefficient; Wind; pCO2
UFZ wide themes RU2;

Globally, reservoirs are a significant source of atmospheric CO2. However, precise quantification of greenhouse gas emissions from drinking water reservoirs on the regional or national scale is still challenging. We calculated CO2 fluxes for 39 German drinking water reservoirs during a period of 22 years (1991–2013) using routine monitoring data in order to quantify total emission of CO2 from drinking water reservoirs in Germany and to identify major drivers.

All reservoirs were a net CO2 source with a median flux of 167 g C m− 2 y− 1, which makes gaseous emissions a relevant process for the carbon budget of each reservoir. Fluxes varied seasonally with median fluxes of 13, 48, and 201 g C m− 2 y− 1 in spring, summer, and autumn respectively. Differences between reservoirs appeared to be primarily caused by the concentration of CO2 in the surface water rather than by the physical gas transfer coefficient. Consideration of short term fluctuations of the gas transfer coefficient due to varying wind speed had only a minor effect on the annual budgets. High CO2 emissions only occurred in reservoirs with pH < 7 and total alkalinity < 0.2 mEq l− 1. Annual CO2 emissions correlated exponentially with pH but not with dissolved organic carbon (DOC). There was significant correlation between land use in the catchment and CO2 emissions. In total, German drinking water reservoirs emit 44000 t of CO2 annually, which makes them a negligible CO2 source (< 0.005% of national CO2 emissions) in Germany.

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Saidi, H., Koschorreck, M. (2017):
CO2 emissions from German drinking water reservoirs
Sci. Total Environ. 581-582 , 10 - 18