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DOI 10.13140/RG.2.1.3466.7281
Title (Primary) National reports with a review and synthesis of the collated information. Final version as of 01.03.2016 of deliverable D2.5 of the HORIZON 2020 project INSPIRATION. EC Grant agreement no: 642372
Author Brils, J.; Maring, L.; Minixhofer, P.; Zechmeister-Boltenstern, S.; Stangl, R.; Baumgarten, A.; Weigl, M.; Tramberend, P.; Ball, N.; Peeters, B.; Klusáček, P.; Martinát, S.; Frantál, B.; Rehunen, A.; Haavisto, T.; Britschgi, R.; Pyy, O.; Rintala, J.; Shemeikka, P.; Dictor, M.C.; Coussy, S.; Guerin, V.; Merly, C.; Ferber, U.; Grimski, D.; Tabasso, M.; Chiodi, S.; Melis, G.; Starzewska-Sikorska, A.; Panagopoulos, T.; Ferreira, V.; Antunes, D.; Dumitru, M.; Stefanescu, S.L.; Vrinceanu, A.; Voicu, V.; Vrinceanu, N.; Finka, M.; Kozova, M.; Izakovicova, Z.; Jamecny, L.; Ondrejicka, V.; Cotič, B.; Mušič, B.; Šuklje-Erjavec, I.; Nikšič, M.; Menger, P.; Garcia-Blanco, G.; Feliu, E.; Ohlsson, Y.; van Well, L.; Konitzer, K.; Brassel, R.; Pütz, M.; Nathanail, P.; Ashmore, M.; Bartke, S.
Year 2016
Department OEKON
Page To 965
Language englisch
UFZ wide themes INSPIRATION; RU6;
Abstract The aim of INSPIRATION is to establish and promote the adoption of a strategic research agenda for land use, land-use changes and soil management in the light of current and future societal challenges. Main objectives are:
- Formulate, consult on and revise an end-user oriented strategic research agenda (SRA);
- Scope out models for implementing the SRA;
- Prepare a network of public and private funding institutions willing to commonly fund the SRA.
The proposed methodology is based on a multi-stakeholder, multi-national and interdisciplinary approach that covers the variety of stakeholders (public bodies, business, scientific community citizens and society) and the variety of relevant funders. The vehicle to engage with relevant stakeholders across the Member States is a National Focal Point (NFP) in 17 countries1. Between March 2015 and March 2016 The NFP’s interviewed National Key Stakeholders (NKS), performed a desk study and organized workshops with national stakeholders of funders, end-users and researchers across the various soil and land management disciplines. The goal of these exercises was to gather information and support the main objectives as stated above.
The collated results will be structured along four integrative themes: 1) resources demand and efficiency; 2) natural capital stewardship; 3) land management; 4) net impact on global, EU and local scale (see section 1.3) and merging into thematic knowledge needs to satisfy the as yet unmet societal challenges and to ensure that knowledge contributes primarily to enable meeting these challenges. Based on these results, a cross-border and cross-discipline dialogue will subsequently be organized among the relevant user communities, funding bodies and scientific communities in Europe in order to reach a trans-national, prioritized SRA as well as a model for execution of this SRA. Thus a SRA will be produced which will give national funders confidence that for each Euro they spend, they will get multiple Euros worth of knowledge in return in order to address their national societal challenges.
Learn more about the INSPIRATION coordination and support action on the project’s website: and follow us on twitter: @inspiration4eu.
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Brils, J., Maring, L., Minixhofer, P., Zechmeister-Boltenstern, S., Stangl, R., Baumgarten, A., Weigl, M., Tramberend, P., Ball, N., Peeters, B., Klusáček, P., Martinát, S., Frantál, B., Rehunen, A., Haavisto, T., Britschgi, R., Pyy, O., Rintala, J., Shemeikka, P., Dictor, M.C., Coussy, S., Guerin, V., Merly, C., Ferber, U., Grimski, D., Tabasso, M., Chiodi, S., Melis, G., Starzewska-Sikorska, A., Panagopoulos, T., Ferreira, V., Antunes, D., Dumitru, M., Stefanescu, S.L., Vrinceanu, A., Voicu, V., Vrinceanu, N., Finka, M., Kozova, M., Izakovicova, Z., Jamecny, L., Ondrejicka, V., Cotič, B., Mušič, B., Šuklje-Erjavec, I., Nikšič, M., Menger, P., Garcia-Blanco, G., Feliu, E., Ohlsson, Y., van Well, L., Konitzer, K., Brassel, R., Pütz, M., Nathanail, P., Ashmore, M., Bartke, S. (2016):
National reports with a review and synthesis of the collated information. Final version as of 01.03.2016 of deliverable D2.5 of the HORIZON 2020 project INSPIRATION. EC Grant agreement no: 642372
Federal Environment Agency (UBA), Dessau-Roßlau, 965 pp. 10.13140/RG.2.1.3466.7281