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Title (Primary) Steering innovations towards a green economy: Understanding government intervention
Author Droste, N.; Hansjürgens, B.; Kuikman, P.; Otter, N.; Antikainen, R.; Leskinen, P.; Pitkänen, K.; Saikku, L.; Loiseau, E.; Thomsen, M.;
Journal Journal of Cleaner Production
Year 2016
Department OEKON;
Volume 135
Language englisch;
POF III (all) T12;
Keywords Governance; Green economy; Innovation; Natural capital; Social equity; Transition management
UFZ wide themes RU6;
Abstract In this paper we analyse institutional conditions facilitating the transition towards a green economy by encouraging investment in the enhancement of natural capital and social equity, focussing especially on government interventions. Presenting a conceptual institutional model how innovation generally occurs, we depict system levels that can be influenced by government interventions to facilitate societal innovations towards a green economy. We hypothesize that the transition to a green economy is about extending the possibility frontier outwards towards a greener economy while at the same time limiting the “action space” at the brown economy end; a normative evaluation framework is presented to assess transitions correspondingly. We elaborate on the emerging lessons for governance by examining evidence from five selected European case studies, and provide a non-exhaustive list of impacts that government intervention may have on the action spaces available at different system levels.
ID 17568
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Droste, N., Hansjürgens, B., Kuikman, P., Otter, N., Antikainen, R., Leskinen, P., Pitkänen, K., Saikku, L., Loiseau, E., Thomsen, M. (2016):
Steering innovations towards a green economy: Understanding government intervention
J. Clean Prod. 135 , 426 - 434