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Title (Primary) Peatland restoration and ecosystem services: science, policy, and practice
Publisher Bonn, A. ORCID logo ; Allott, T.; Evans, M.; Joosten, H.; Stoneman, R.
Journal Ecological Reviews
Year 2016
Department iDiv; ESS
Page To 493
Language englisch
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Halle, Bibliothek, 00509213, 16-0393
Abstract Peatlands provide globally important ecosystem services through climate and water regulation or biodiversity conservation. While covering only 3% of the earth's surface, degrading peatlands are responsible for nearly a quarter of carbon emissions from the land use sector. Bringing together world-class experts from science, policy and practice to highlight and debate the importance of peatlands from an ecological, social and economic perspective, this book focuses on how peatland restoration can foster climate change mitigation. Featuring a range of global case studies, opportunities for reclamation and sustainable management are illustrated throughout against the challenges faced by conservation biologists. Written for a global audience of environmental scientists, practitioners and policy makers, as well as graduate students from natural and social sciences, this interdisciplinary book provides vital pointers towards managing peatland conservation in a changing environment.

  • Case studies from a global perspective will appeal to scientists, policy makers and practitioners to illustrate the challenges of peatland management
  • Adopting a cross-disciplinary approach, economic, political and scientific issues surrounding peatland restoration are explored in relation to natural resource management
  • Relevant to natural solutions to climate mitigation, financial and political resolutions are offered to achieve carbon emission reductions and enhance peatland ecosystem services

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Bonn, A., Allott, T., Evans, M., Joosten, H., Stoneman, R. (eds., 2016):
Peatland restoration and ecosystem services: science, policy, and practice
Ecological Reviews
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 493 pp.