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DOI 10.1002/bit.25883
Title (Primary) Decoupling production from growth by magnesium sulfate limitation boosts de novo limonene production
Author Willrodt, C.; Hoschek, A.; Bühler, B.; Schmid, A.; Julsing, M.K.
Source Titel Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Year 2016
Department SOMA
Volume 113
Issue 6
Page From 1305
Page To 1314
Language englisch
Keywords limonene; decoupling production from growth; resting cells; fermentation; industrial biotechnology; reaction engineering
UFZ wide themes MIKAT; RU4
Abstract The microbial production of isoprenoids has recently developed into a prime example for successful bottom-up synthetic biology or top-down systems biology strategies. Respective fermentation processes typically rely on growing recombinant microorganisms. However, the fermentative production of isoprenoids has to compete with cellular maintenance and growth for carbon and energy. Non-growing but metabolically active E. coli cells were evaluated in this study as alternative biocatalyst configurations to reduce energy and carbon loss towards biomass formation. The use of non-growing cells in an optimized fermentation medium resulted in more than fivefold increased specific limonene yields on cell dry weight and glucose, as compared to the traditional growing-cell-approach. Initially, the stability of the resting-cell activity was limited. This instability was overcome via the optimization of the minimal fermentation medium enabling high and stable limonene production rates for up to 8 h and a high specific yield of ≥50 mg limonene per gram cell dry weight. Omitting MgSO4 from the fermentation medium was very promising to prohibit growth and allow high productivities. Applying a MgSO4-limitation also improved limonene formation by growing cells during non-exponential growth involving a reduced biomass yield on glucose and a fourfold increase in specific limonene yields on biomass as compared to non-limited cultures. The control of microbial growth via the medium composition was identified as a key but yet underrated strategy for efficient isoprenoid production.
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Willrodt, C., Hoschek, A., Bühler, B., Schmid, A., Julsing, M.K. (2016):
Decoupling production from growth by magnesium sulfate limitation boosts de novo limonene production
Biotechnol. Bioeng. 113 (6), 1305 - 1314 10.1002/bit.25883