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DOI 10.1016/j.advwatres.2015.05.021
Title (Primary) Estimating parameters of aquifer heterogeneity using pumping tests - implications for field applications
Author Zech, A.; Arnold, S.; Schneider, C.; Attinger, S.
Journal Advances in Water Resources
Year 2015
Department CHS
Volume 83
Page From 137
Page To 147
Language englisch
Keywords steady state pumping tests; heterogeneity; parameter estimation; data density; field application; geostatistics
UFZ wide themes RU5;
Abstract The knowledge of subsurface heterogeneity is a prerequisite to describe flow and transport in porous media. Of particular interest are the variance and the correlation scale of hydraulic conductivity. In this study, we present how these aquifer parameters can be inferred using empirical steady state pumping test data. We refer to a previously developed analytical solution of ”effective well flow” and examine its applicability to pumping test data as under field conditions. It is examined how the accuracy and confidence of parameter estimates of variance and correlation length depend on the number and location of head measurements. Simulations of steady state pumping tests in a confined virtual aquifer are used to systematically reduce sampling size while determining the rating of the estimates at each level of data density. The method was then applied to estimate the statistical parameters of a fluvial heterogeneous aquifer at the test site Horkheimer Insel, Germany. We conclude that the ”effective well flow” solution is a simple alternative to laboratory investigations to estimate the statistical heterogeneity parameter using steady state pumping tests. However, the accuracy and uncertainty of the estimates depend on the design of the field study. In this regard, our results can help to improve the conceptual design of pumping tests with regard to the parameter of interest.
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Zech, A., Arnold, S., Schneider, C., Attinger, S. (2015):
Estimating parameters of aquifer heterogeneity using pumping tests - implications for field applications
Adv. Water Resour. 83 , 137 - 147