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Reference Category Journals
DOI 10.1186/s12898-014-0024-6
Title (Primary) BMC Ecology image competition 2014: the winning images
Author Harold, S.; Henderson, C.; Baguette, M.; Bonsall, M.B.; Hughes, D.; Settele, J.
Journal BMC Ecology
Year 2014
Department BZF; iDiv
Volume 14
Page From art. 24
Language englisch
UFZ wide themes RU1;
Abstract BMC Ecology showcases the winning entries from its second Ecology Image Competition. More than 300 individual images were submitted from an international array of research scientists, depicting life on every continent on earth. The journal’s Editorial Board and guest judge Caspar Henderson outline why their winning selections demonstrated high levels of technical skill and aesthetic sense in depicting the science of ecology, and we also highlight a small selection of highly commended images that we simply couldn’t let you miss out on.
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Harold, S., Henderson, C., Baguette, M., Bonsall, M.B., Hughes, D., Settele, J. (2014):
BMC Ecology image competition 2014: the winning images
BMC Ecology 14 , art. 24