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Title (Primary) The long road to improving the water quality of the Western Bug River (Ukraine) – A multi-scale analysis
Author Hagemann, N.; Blumensaat, F.; Tavares Wahren, F.; Trümper, J.; Burmeister, C.; Moynihan, R.; Scheifhacken, N.;
Journal Journal of Hydrology
Year 2014
Department OEKON; UPR;
Volume 519
Issue Part C
Language englisch;
POF III (all) T32;
Keywords River basin management; Transition countries; Water quality assessment
UFZ wide themes RU6

River basin management (RMB) was introduced to combat high levels of water pollution across Ukraine. The Western Bug River provides an example of how water quality is impacted by industrial and domestic wastewater discharges as well as pollution from agriculture and mining activities.

The paper draws from a broader interdisciplinary study which aims to outline the sources of pollution within the upper Western Bug River catchment and identify the driving institutional forces behind this enduring environmental problem. The results of this study show that the administrative and spatial scales concerning river catchment management in the Western Bug River basin are not aligned. Furthermore, the temporal scale is often conflicting with the two above mentioned scales. The current political and financial situation of the State, as well as outdated administrative structures hinders effective water governance and results in low water quality. Despite these findings, there is also some evidence that in the longer term the RBM approach could succeed in the Western Bug River, especially if political and legal reforms are properly implemented and enforced.

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Hagemann, N., Blumensaat, F., Tavares Wahren, F., Trümper, J., Burmeister, C., Moynihan, R., Scheifhacken, N. (2014):
The long road to improving the water quality of the Western Bug River (Ukraine) – A multi-scale analysis
J. Hydrol. 519 (Part C), 2436 - 2447