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Title (Primary) An ecological perspective in aquatic ecotoxicology: approaches and challenges
Author Schmitt-Jansen, M.; Veit, U.; Dudel, G.; Altenburger, R.;
Journal Basic and Applied Ecology
Year 2008
Department BIOTOX;
Volume 9
Issue 4
Language englisch;
Keywords Theoretical ecology; Disturbance and stress ecology; PICT; Periphyton; SSD; Toxicity assessment; SQT; Community ecotoxicology
Abstract This paper aims to highlight the considerable potential of a better integration of ecological theory in aquatic ecotoxicology. It outlines how community ecology, studies on trophic interaction and disturbance ecology could provide an enhanced theoretical basis for aquatic ecotoxicology and increase ecological relevance in environmental risk assessment of chemicals. Based on the literature and own research, approaches from aquatic ecotoxicology are presented, which are based on ecological considerations and address a higher level of biological complexity for risk assessment strategies of chemicals. The concepts of species-sensitivity distribution (SSD), pollution-induced community tolerance (PICT), the use of model ecosystems and the sediment quality triad (SQT) in ecological risk assesment as well as inputs from ecotoxicology into landscape ecology are illustrated. These examples aim to evidence aquatic ecotoxicology as a rewarding field of ecological research.
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Schmitt-Jansen, M., Veit, U., Dudel, G., Altenburger, R. (2008):
An ecological perspective in aquatic ecotoxicology: approaches and challenges
Basic Appl. Ecol. 9 (4), 337 - 345