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Title (Primary) The German energy transition as a regime shift
Author Strunz, S.
Journal UFZ Discussion Papers
Year 2013
Department OEKON
Volume 10/2013
Page To 18
Language englisch
Keywords energy system; energy transition; regime shift; renewable energy sources; resilience
Abstract In this paper, I use the resilience framework to interpret the project of transforming the German energy system into a renewable energy sources (RES)-based system, the so-called Energiewende, as a regime shift. This regime shift comprises several transformations, which are currently altering the technological, political and economic system structure. To build my argument, I first sketch how technological, political and economic developments reduced the resilience of the conventional fossil-nuclear energy regime and created a new RES-regime. Second, I depict recent changes in German public discourse and energy policy as the shift to the RES-regime. Third, I highlight challenges involved with increasing the resilience of the RES-regime. In particular, sufficient resilience of the electricity transmission grid appears to be crucial for facilitating the transformation of the whole energy system.
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Strunz, S. (2013):
The German energy transition as a regime shift
UFZ Discussion Papers 10/2013
Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ, Leipzig, 18 pp.