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DOI 10.1890/12-1700.1
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Title (Primary) Mycorrhizas in the Central European flora - relationships with plant life history traits and ecology
Author Hempel, S.; Götzenberger, L.; Kühn, I. ORCID logo ; Michalski, S.; Rillig, M.C.; Zobel, M.; Moora, M.
Source Titel Ecology
Year 2013
Department BZF; iDiv
Volume 94
Issue 6
Page From 1389
Page To 1399
Language englisch
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Plant traits have been widely used to characterize different aspects of the ecology of plant species. Despite its wide distribution and its proven significance at the level of individuals, communities and populations, the ability to form mycorrhizal associations has been largely neglected in these studies so far. Analyzing plant traits associated with the occurrence of mycorrhizas in plants can therefore enhance our understanding of plant strategies and distributions. Using a comparative approach, we tested for associations between mycorrhizal status and habitat characteristics, life-history traits and plant distribution patterns in 1752 species of the German flora (a major part of the Central European flora). Data were analyzed using log-linear models or generalized linear models, both accounting for phylogenetic relationships. Obligatorily mycorrhizal (OM) species tended to be positively associated with higher temperature, drier habitats, higher pH; and negatively with moist, acidic and fertile soils. Competitive species were more frequently OM and stress tolerators non-mycorrhizal (NM), while ruderal species did not show any preference. Facultatively mycorrhizal (FM) species showed the widest geographic and ecological amplitude. Indigenous species were more frequently FM and neophytes (recent aliens) more frequently OM than expected. FM species, differed markedly from OM and NM species in almost all analyzed traits. Specifically, they showed a wider geographic distribution and ecological niche. Our study of the relationships between mycorrhizal status and other plant traits provides a comprehensive test of existing hypotheses and reveals novel patterns. The clear distinction between FM and OM+NM species in terms of their ecology opens up a new field of research in plant-mycorrhizal ecology.

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Hempel, S., Götzenberger, L., Kühn, I., Michalski, S., Rillig, M.C., Zobel, M., Moora, M. (2013):
Mycorrhizas in the Central European flora - relationships with plant life history traits and ecology
Ecology 94 (6), 1389 - 1399 10.1890/12-1700.1