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DOI 10.1128/JB.01153-12
Title (Primary) Genome-wide responses of the model archaeon Halobacterium sp. strain NRC-1 to oxygen limitation
Author DasSarma, P.; Zamora, R.C.; Müller, J.A.; DasSarma, S.
Source Titel Journal of Bacteriology
Year 2012
Department UBT
Volume 194
Issue 20
Page From 5530
Page To 5537
Language englisch
Abstract As part of a comprehensive postgenomic investigation of the model archaeon Halobacterium sp. strain NRC-1, we used wholegenome
DNA microarrays to compare transcriptional profiles of cells grown under anaerobic or aerobic conditions. When anaerobic
growth supported by arginine fermentation was compared to aerobic growth, genes for arginine fermentation (arc) and
anaerobic respiration (dms), using trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) as the terminal electron acceptor, were highly upregulated,
as was the bop gene, required for phototrophic growth. When arginine fermentation was compared to anaerobic respiration with
TMAO, the arc and dms genes were both induced with arginine, while TMAO induced the bop gene and major gas vesicle protein
(gvpAC) genes specifying buoyant gas vesicles. Anaerobic conditions with either TMAO or arginine also upregulated the cba
genes, encoding one of three cytochrome oxidases. In-frame deletion of two COG3413 family regulatory genes, bat and dmsR,
showed downregulation of the bop gene cluster and loss of purple membrane synthesis and downregulation of the dms operon
and loss of anaerobic respiration capability, respectively. Bioinformatic analysis identified additional regulatory and sensor
genes that are likely involved in the full range of cellular responses to oxygen limitation. Our results show that the Halobacterium
sp. has evolved a carefully orchestrated set of responses to oxygen limitation. As conditions become more reducing, cells
progressively increase buoyancy, as well as capabilities for phototrophy, scavenging of molecular oxygen, anaerobic respiration,
and fermentation.

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DasSarma, P., Zamora, R.C., Müller, J.A., DasSarma, S. (2012):
Genome-wide responses of the model archaeon Halobacterium sp. strain NRC-1 to oxygen limitation
J. Bacteriol. 194 (20), 5530 - 5537 10.1128/JB.01153-12