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Title (Primary) Three type specimens designated in Oudemansiella
Author Petersen, R.H.; Desjardin, D.E.; Krüger, D.
Journal Fungal Diversity
Year 2008
Department BOOEK
Volume 32
Page From 81
Page To 96
Language englisch
Abstract Type specimens are designated for three species epithets in Oudemansiella: O. canarii, an apparently pantropical species, O. platensis, type species of the genus and apparently distributed in tropical and subtropical New World, and O. mucida, common and indigenous on Fagus wood in Europe. Detailed descriptions are furnished for the designated types of all three and the backgrounds of all three epithets are traced
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Petersen, R.H., Desjardin, D.E., Krüger, D. (2008):
Three type specimens designated in Oudemansiella
Fungal Divers. 32 , 81 - 96