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DOI 10.1007/s10144-012-0332-7
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Title (Primary) Leading-edge populations do not show low genetic diversity or high differentiation in a wind-pollinated tree
Author Shi, M.-M.; Chen, X.-Y.
Source Titel Population Ecology
Year 2012
Department BZF
Volume 54
Issue 4
Page From 591
Page To 600
Language englisch
Keywords bottleneck;Castanopsis sclerophylla;gene flow;genetic variation;wind-direction

Climate changes can shift species’ ranges. Knowledge on genetic variation of the leading-edge populations provides critical information to understand responses and adaptation of plants to projected climate warming. To date, the research into genetic variation of leading-edge populations has been limited, particularly in the role of wind-mediated pollen flow in maintaining high genetic variation. Castanopsis sclerophylla (Fagaceae) is a wind-pollinated and gravity-dispersed tree. In the present study, we used seven polymorphic microsatellites to genotype 482 samples from five leading-edge and 12 non-edge populations. Significant effects of recent population bottleneck events were found in three of the five leading-edge populations, indicating that the leading-edge populations might have been recolonized after the Last Glacial Maximum. Genetic diversity was higher, though not significantly, in leading-edge than in non-edge populations. Relationship between genetic diversity and latitude indicated an increasing trend of genetic diversity towards leading-edge populations. No significant difference in genetic differentiation was found between leading-edge and non-edge populations. The inconsistence with the general predictions by leading-edge colonization model could be explained by high gene flow via pollen grains. Pollen-mediated gene flow could maintain high genetic diversity within and low differentiation among leading-edge populations. In response to climate warming, high genetic variation may provide leading-edge populations raw materials for evolutionary adaptation to future environmental conditions.

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Shi, M.-M., Chen, X.-Y. (2012):
Leading-edge populations do not show low genetic diversity or high differentiation in a wind-pollinated tree
Popul. Ecol. 54 (4), 591 - 600 10.1007/s10144-012-0332-7