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Title (Primary) Bioinformatics for RNomics
Title (Secondary) Bioinformatics for Omics data
Author Reiche, K.; Schutt, K.; Boll, K.; Horn, F.; Hackerm├╝ller, J.;
Publisher Mayer, B.;
Journal Methods in Molecular Biology
Year 2011
Department PROTEOM;
Volume 719
Language englisch;
Keywords RNomics; Non-coding RNA; ncRNA; Transcriptome; Bioinformatics; Regulatory RNA
Rapid improvements in high-throughput experimental technologies make it nowadays possible to study the expression, as well as changes in expression, of whole transcriptomes under different environmental conditions in a detailed view. We describe current approaches to identify genome-wide functional RNA transcripts (experimentally as well as computationally), and focus on computational methods that may be utilized to disclose their function. While genome databases offer a wealth of information about known and putative functions for protein-coding genes, functional information for novel non-coding RNA genes is almost nonexistent. This is mainly explained by the lack of established software tools to efficiently reveal the function and evolutionary origin of non-coding RNA genes. Here, we describe in detail computational approaches one may follow to annotate and classify an RNA transcript.
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Reiche, K., Schutt, K., Boll, K., Horn, F., Hackerm├╝ller, J. (2011):
Bioinformatics for RNomics
In: Mayer, B. (ed.)
Bioinformatics for Omics data
Methods in Molecular Biology 719
Humana Press, p. 299 - 330