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DOI 10.1007/s00425-012-1759-y
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Title (Primary) A core set of metabolite sink/source ratios indicative for plant organ productivity in Lotus japonicus
Author Fester, T.; Fetzer, I.; Härtig, C.
Source Titel Planta
Year 2013
Department UMB
Volume 237
Issue 1
Page From 145
Page To 160
Language englisch
Keywords Metabolite profiling; Plant productivity; Carbon allocation; Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry; Partial least squares-discriminant analysis (PLS-DA)
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Abstract Plant growth is an important process in physiological as well as ecological respect and a number of metabolic parameters (elemental ratios as well as steady-state levels of individual metabolites) have been demonstrated to reflect this process on the whole plant level. Since plant growth is highly localized and is the result of a complex interplay of metabolic activities in sink and source organs, we propose that ratios in metabolite levels of sink and source organs are particularly well suited to characterize this process. To demonstrate such a connection, we studied organ-specific metabolite ratios from Lotus japonicus treated with mineral nutrients, salt stress or arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. The plants were displaying a wide range of biomass and of flower/biomass ratios. In the analysis of our data we looked for correlations between shifts in sink/source metabolite ratios and plant productivity (biomass accumulated at the time of harvest). In addition we correlated shifts in metabolite ratios comparing competing generative and vegetative sink organs with shifts in productivity of the two organs (changes in flower/biomass ratios). In our analyses we observed clear shifts of carbohydrates and of compounds connected to nitrogen metabolism in favour of sink organs of particularly high productivity. These shifts were in agreement with general differences in metabolite steady-state levels when comparing sink and source organs. Our findings suggest that differentiation of sink and source organs during sampling for metabolomic experiments substantially increases the amount of information obtained from such experiments.

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Fester, T., Fetzer, I., Härtig, C. (2013):
A core set of metabolite sink/source ratios indicative for plant organ productivity in Lotus japonicus
Planta 237 (1), 145 - 160 10.1007/s00425-012-1759-y