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DOI 10.1038/nclimate1668
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Title (Primary) Uncertainty in thermal tolerances and climatic debt - reply
Author Devictor, V.; van Swaay, C.; Brereton, T.; Brotons, L.; Chamberlain, D.; Heliölä, J.; Herrando, S.; Julliard, R.; Kuussaari, M.; Lindström, Å.; Reif, J.; Roy, D.B.; Schweiger, O.; Settele, J.; Stefanescu, C.; van Strien, A.; Van Turnhout, C.; Vermouzek, Z.; WallisDeVries, M.; Wynhoff, I.; Jiguet, F.
Source Titel Nature Climate Change
Year 2012
Department BZF
Volume 2
Issue 9
Page From 638
Page To 639
Language englisch
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Devictor, V., van Swaay, C., Brereton, T., Brotons, L., Chamberlain, D., Heliölä, J., Herrando, S., Julliard, R., Kuussaari, M., Lindström, Å., Reif, J., Roy, D.B., Schweiger, O., Settele, J., Stefanescu, C., van Strien, A., Van Turnhout, C., Vermouzek, Z., WallisDeVries, M., Wynhoff, I., Jiguet, F. (2012):
Uncertainty in thermal tolerances and climatic debt - reply
Nat. Clim. Chang. 2 (9), 638 - 639 10.1038/nclimate1668