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DOI 10.1590/S1415-47572012000300014
Title (Primary) Chitinase activities, scab resistance, mycorrhization rates and biomass of own-rooted and grafted transgenic apple
Author Schäfer, T.; Hanke, M.-V.; Flachowsky, H.; König, S.; Peil, A.; Kaldorf, M.; Polle, A.; Buscot, F.
Source Titel Genetics and Molecular Biology
Year 2012
Department BOOEK
Volume 35
Issue 2
Page From 466
Page To 473
Language englisch
Keywords apple; chitinase; mycorrhiza;transgenic

This study investigated the impact of constitutively expressed Trichoderma atroviride genes encoding exochitinase nag70 or endochitinase ech42 in transgenic lines of the apple cultivar Pinova on the symbiosis with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF). We compared the exo- and endochitinase activities of leaves and roots from non-transgenic Pinova and the transgenic lines T386 and T389. Local and systemic effects were examined using own-rooted trees and trees grafted onto rootstock M9. Scab susceptibility was also assessed in own-rooted and grafted trees. AMF root colonization was assessed microscopically in the roots of apple trees cultivated in pots with artificial substrate and inoculated with the AMF Glomus intraradices and Glomus mosseae. Own-rooted transgenic lines had significantly higher chitinase activities in their leaves and roots compared to non-transgenic Pinova. Both of the own-rooted transgenic lines showed significantly fewer symptoms of scab infection as well as significantly lower root colonization by AMF. Biomass production was significantly reduced in both own-rooted transgenic lines. Rootstock M9 influenced chitinase activities in the leaves of grafted scions. When grafted onto M9, the leaf chitinase activities of non-transgenic Pinova (M9/Pinova) and transgenic lines (M9/T386 and M9/T389) were not as different as when grown on their own roots. M9/T386 and M9/T389 were only temporarily less infected by scab than M9/Pinova. M9/T386 and M9/T389 did not differ significantly from M9/Pinova in their root chitinase activities, AMF root colonization and biomass.

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Schäfer, T., Hanke, M.-V., Flachowsky, H., König, S., Peil, A., Kaldorf, M., Polle, A., Buscot, F. (2012):
Chitinase activities, scab resistance, mycorrhization rates and biomass of own-rooted and grafted transgenic apple
Genet. Mol. Biol. 35 (2), 466 - 473 10.1590/S1415-47572012000300014