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DOI 10.1080/03650340701765577
Title (Primary) Measurement and regionalization of nitrogen deposition for the risk assessment of nitrogen leaching in agricultural landscapes
Author Meyer, B.; Mühle, H.; Böhme, F.; Russow, R.; Knappe, S.; Schulz, H.
Journal Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science
Year 2008
Department NSF; BOPHY; BOOEK
Volume 54
Issue 1
Page From 1
Page To 17
Language englisch
Keywords airborne nitrogen (N); N deposition; N measurement; N leaching risk assessment; potential groundwater pollution; regionalization
Abstract The connection between the emission of atmospheric nitrogen (N) and the risk of groundwater pollution is significant for protection of the landscape with respect to the resources. The usually unknown amount of atmospheric nitrogen deposition has a high impact on N balances and on the leaching of nitrogen into the groundwater. Therefore, the present paper deals with the correlation between N emission and scenarios of potential risk assessment on N leaching into groundwater. The airborne N input into an agricultural landscape between the Saxon towns Taucha and Eilenburg (near Leipzig, Saxony) was measured by using the bulk N deposition method, the total atmospheric N deposition method with the ITNI system, and the bark sampling method, by focusing the results on the measurement of N input (punctual and regionalized) and on extrapolations to the risk of N leaching for planning purposes. On the forest measurement point the airborne N input is approximately twice as high as that on the 'open land' measurement point (about 15 kg N ha-1 yr-1). Two scenarios were calculated using different results of N deposition measurements; the measurement methods are described in the paper. For scenario 1, an annual potential N leaching of up to 11.5 kg/ha-1yr-1 could be modelled by using regionalized nitrate-N deposition and ammonium-N deposition data for open land. For scenario 2, because of the much higher measured inputs of 59.7 kg N ha-1yr-1 following the results of the ITNI system, the N discharge is excessively higher with up to 25 kg N ha-1yr-1. Both scenarios have been produced on the basis of a regional N balance with a surplus of 28.8 kg ha-1yr-1 (period 1998-2003) including original data from farms. The regionalization of the total atmospheric N deposition offers a new way to integrate the nowadays-unknown components of the N deposition into the estimation of potential risks of N leaching into the groundwater. The results are of high importance for groundwater protection.
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Meyer, B., Mühle, H., Böhme, F., Russow, R., Knappe, S., Schulz, H. (2008):
Measurement and regionalization of nitrogen deposition for the risk assessment of nitrogen leaching in agricultural landscapes
Arch. Agron. Soil Sci. 54 (1), 1 - 17