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DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-11544-8_7
Title (Primary) Land-use change, risk and land-use management
Title (Secondary) Risk habitat megacity
Author Banzhaf, E.; Kindler, A.; Müller, A.; Metz, K.; Reyes-Paecke, S.; Weiland, U.
Publisher Heinrichs, D.; Krellenberg, K.; Hansjürgens, B.; Martínez, F.
Year 2012
Department OEKON; SUSOZ
Page From 127
Page To 154
Language englisch
Keywords Demographic change; Flood risk; Geoinformatics; Land-use change; Recommended actions; Risk-related indicators
UFZ inventory Leipzig, Bibliothek - Hauptlesesaal, 00456999, 11-1303 DK: 711.433 Ris

This chapter focuses on flood risk analysis and risk prevention in Santiago de Chile. It presents a conceptual framework for flood risk analysis in urban areas and demonstrates the utility of a mixed set of methods, including remote sensing and GIS techniques, to improve the methodological basis for flood risk assessment and risk prevention. Population growth and land-use changes are analysed as key elements of urban development and indicators of flood risk production. A conceptual framework comprising the core elements of exposure, elements at risk and vulnerability serves as a tool for risk analysis and risk assessment, and is applied to the municipalities of La Reina and Peñalolén. The chapter reviews existing institutional responses to land-use and risk management and, based on expert interviews, detects their deficits. As a conclusion, recommendations to improve flood risk prevention in Santiago de Chile are made. The absence of a systemic view of flood risk resulting from complex ecological and social processes is the chief weakness of current risk prevention in Santiago de Chile.

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Banzhaf, E., Kindler, A., Müller, A., Metz, K., Reyes-Paecke, S., Weiland, U. (2012):
Land-use change, risk and land-use management
In: Heinrichs, D., Krellenberg, K., Hansjürgens, B., Martínez, F. (eds.)
Risk habitat megacity
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, p. 127 - 154 10.1007/978-3-642-11544-8_7