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Title (Primary) Boosting biodiversity
Author Barton, D.N.; Ring, I.; Schröter-Schlaack, C. ORCID logo ; Antunes, P.
Source Titel International Innovation: Disseminating Science, Research and Technology
Year 2011
Department OEKON
Issue June
Page From 80
Page To 82
Language englisch

Seeking to address biodiversity issues on a global scale, five key contributors to a four year EU-funded project, David Barton, Irene Ring, Christoph Schröter-Schlaack, Peter May and Paula Antunes outline the reasons behind their research and its intended outcomes

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Barton, D.N., Ring, I., Schröter-Schlaack, C., Antunes, P. (2011):
Boosting biodiversity
Int. Innov. (June), 80 - 82