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Title (Primary) Researching state and dynamics in landscape using remote sensing
Title (Secondary) Landscape balance and landscape assessment
Author Banzhaf, E.
Publisher Krönert, R.; Steinhardt, U.; Volk, M.
Year 2001
Department CLE; SUSOZ
Page From 87
Page To 112
Language englisch
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This chapter looks at the usage of remote sensing data for practical research. Re-mote sensing data can be used for individual applications and research studies as well as routine work, and basic data sets can be provided as vital pieces information for landscape ecological investigations. Experimental work such as tests related to sensor development, signature research and non-operational digital analysis methods are not dealt with here as this chapter is more concerned with applied remote sensing. Nevertheless, the importance of basic research is self-evident and is much respected for efficient, rational applications.

The main fields of investigation that use remote sensing are disciplines that as-certain the Earth’s surface, especially its land cover, sealed or unsealed, with or without vegetation, and its use and possible conservation, as well as its sometimes vast changes and high dynamics. Attention is focused on local, regional and general environmental planning, mainly in connection with opencast mining, agriculture, (sub)urban development, and information needed for surveys and planning authorities. Rather than listing all the activities carried out during the past few years, instead useful examples will be given of practical applications that have been undertaken. The remote sensing data collected for all applied landscape eco-logical investigations are based on electro-optical scanner images. Generally used sources of spatial data are listed in Table 4.1.

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Banzhaf, E. (2001):
Researching state and dynamics in landscape using remote sensing
In: Krönert, R., Steinhardt, U., Volk, M. (eds.)
Landscape balance and landscape assessment
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, p. 87 - 112