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DOI 10.1016/j.envsoft.2010.03.021
Title (Primary) A methodology for the design and development of integrated models for policy support
Author van Delden, H.; Seppelt, R.; White, R.; Jakeman, A.J.
Source Titel Environmental Modelling & Software
Year 2011
Department CLE
Volume 26
Issue 3
Page From 266
Page To 279
Language englisch
Keywords Decision Support System (DSS); Model integration; Design and development process; Iterative process; Social learning; Policy support
Abstract The development of Decision Support Systems (DSS) to inform policy making has been increasing rapidly. This paper aims to provide insight into the design and development process of policy support systems that incorporate integrated models. It will provide a methodology for the development of such systems that attempts to synthesize knowledge and experience gained over the past 15-20 years from developing a suite of these DSSs for a number of users in different geographical contexts worldwide.The methodology focuses on the overall iterative development process that includes policy makers, scientists and IT-specialists. The paper highlights important tasks in model integration and system development and illustrates these with some practical examples from DSS that have dynamic, spatial and integrative attributes. Crucial integrative features of modelling systems that aim to provide support to policy processes, and to which we refer as integrated Decision Support Systems, are: - Synthesis of relevant drivers, processes and characteristics of the real world system at relevant spatial and temporal scales. - An integrated approach linking economic, environmental and social domains.- Connection to the policy context, interest groups and end-users.- Engagement with the policy process.- Ability to provide added value to the current decision-making practice.With this paper we aim to provide a methodology for the design and development of these integrated Decision Support Systems that includes the 'hard' elements of model integration and software development as well as the 'softer' elements related to the user-developer interaction and social learning of all groups involved in the process.
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van Delden, H., Seppelt, R., White, R., Jakeman, A.J. (2011):
A methodology for the design and development of integrated models for policy support
Environ. Modell. Softw. 26 (3), 266 - 279 10.1016/j.envsoft.2010.03.021