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DOI 10.1007/s10533-010-9483-9
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Title (Primary) Experimental investigation of nitrogen and oxygen isotope fractionation in nitrate and nitrite during denitrification
Author Knöller, K.; Vogt, C.; Haupt, M.; Feisthauer, S.; Richnow, H.-H.
Source Titel Biogeochemistry
Year 2011
Volume 103
Issue 1-3
Page From 371
Page To 384
Language englisch
Keywords Nitrate; Nitrite; Denitrification; Nitrogen isotopes; Oxygen isotopes; Kinetic isotope fractionation; Isotope exchange
Abstract In batch experiments, we studied the isotope fractionation of nitrogen and oxygen during denitrification of two bacterial strains (Azoarcus sp. strain DSM 9056 and Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes strain F10). Denitrification experiments were conducted with succinate and toluene as electron donor in three waters with a distinct oxygen isotope composition. Nitrate consumption was observed in all batch experiments. Reaction rates for succinate experiments were more than six times higher than those for toluene experiments. Nitrogen and oxygen isotopes became progressively enriched in the remaining nitrate pool in the course of the experiments; the nitrogen and oxygen isotope fractionation varied between 8.6-16.2 and 4.0-7.3?, respectively. Within this range, neither electron donors nor the oxygen isotope composition of the medium affected the isotope fractionation process. The experimental results provide evidence that the oxygen isotope fractionation during nitrate reduction is controlled by a kinetic isotope effect which can be quantified using the Rayleigh model. The isotopic examination of nitrite released upon denitrification revealed that nitrogen isotope fractionation largely follows the fractionation of the nitrate pool. However, the oxygen isotope values of nitrite are clearly influenced by a rapid isotope equilibration with the oxygen of the ambient water. Even though this equilibration may in part be due to storage, it shows that under certain natural conditions (re-oxidation of nitrite) the nitrate pool may also be indirectly affected by an isotope equilibration.
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Knöller, K., Vogt, C., Haupt, M., Feisthauer, S., Richnow, H.-H. (2011):
Experimental investigation of nitrogen and oxygen isotope fractionation in nitrate and nitrite during denitrification
Biogeochemistry 103 (1-3), 371 - 384 10.1007/s10533-010-9483-9