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Title (Primary) The European butterfly indicator for grassland species 1990-2009
Author van Swaay, C.; van Strien, A.; Harpke, A.; Fontaine, B.; Stefanescu, C.; Roy, R.; Maes, D.; Kühn, E.; Õunap, E.; Regan, E.; Švitra, G.; Heliölä, J.; Settele, J.; Warren, M.; Plattner, M.; Kuussaari, M.; Cornish, N.; Garcia Pereira, P.; Leopold, L.; Feldmann, R. ORCID logo ; Jullard, R.; Verovnik, R.; Popov, S.; Brereton, T.; Gmelig Meyling, A.; Collins, S.
Source Titel Report VS
Year 2010
Department BZF; UV
Volume 2010.010
Page To 22
Language englisch
Keywords Butterfly; Monitoring; Trend; Index; Europe; European Union; Indicator; Biodiversity
Abstract This indicator is based on data from fourteen national Butterfly Monitoring Schemes. The European Grassland Butterfly Indicator shows the population trend of butterflies which are characteristic of grasslands. Since 1990 the European Grassland Butterfly Indicator shows a strong negative trend and has declined by almost 70%.
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van Swaay, C., van Strien, A., Harpke, A., Fontaine, B., Stefanescu, C., Roy, R., Maes, D., Kühn, E., Õunap, E., Regan, E., Švitra, G., Heliölä, J., Settele, J., Warren, M., Plattner, M., Kuussaari, M., Cornish, N., Garcia Pereira, P., Leopold, L., Feldmann, R., Jullard, R., Verovnik, R., Popov, S., Brereton, T., Gmelig Meyling, A., Collins, S. (2010):
The European butterfly indicator for grassland species 1990-2009
Report VS 2010.010
De Vlinderstichting, Wageningen, 22 pp.