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DOI 10.1002/rcm.3684
Title (Primary) Incorporation of carbon and nitrogen atoms into proteins measured by protein-based stable isotope probing (Protein-SIP)
Author Jehmlich, N. ORCID logo ; Schmidt, F.; Hartwich, M.; von Bergen, M.; Richnow, H.H.; Vogt, C.
Source Titel Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry
Year 2008
Volume 22
Issue 18
Page From 2889
Page To 2897
Language englisch
Abstract The identification of metabolically active microbial key players is fundamental for understanding the structure and functions of contaminant-degrading communities. The metabolic activity can be analysed by feeding the microbial culture with stable-isotope-labelled substrates and subsequently tracing their incorporation into the biomass. In this paper we present a method which is able to detect the incorporation of stable isotopes from the substrate into the proteins of a benzene-metabolising microorganism. Pseudomonas putida strain ML2 was grown under aerobic conditions with the substrates 12C-benzene, 13C-benzene or 15N-ammonium and 12C-benzene. Proteins of these cultures were resolved by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2-DE) and corresponding protein spots were subjected to matrix-assisted laser ionization/desorption mass spectrometric (MALDI-MS) analysis. The proteins of the 12C-sample were identified by peptide mass fingerprinting (PMF) as well as by tandem mass spectrometric (MS/MS) measurements. The 13C- or 15N-content of the peptides from the labelling experiments was determined by MALDI-MS/MS. The incorporation of heavy isotopes into the proteins from cultures grown on 13C-benzene and 15N-ammonium was determined based on the mass differences between labelled and non-labelled peptides as well as on the isotopic distribution of the y1-ion of arginine. The method we present here principally allows the unravelling of the carbon and nitrogen flow not only in pure cultures, but also in microbial communities consisting of many microbial species. Copyright © 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
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Jehmlich, N., Schmidt, F., Hartwich, M., von Bergen, M., Richnow, H.H., Vogt, C. (2008):
Incorporation of carbon and nitrogen atoms into proteins measured by protein-based stable isotope probing (Protein-SIP)
Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 22 (18), 2889 - 2897 10.1002/rcm.3684