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DOI 10.1038/ncomms1137
Title (Primary) Systems-wide temporal proteomic profiling in glucose-starved Bacillus subtilis
Author Otto, A.; Bernhardt, J.; Meyer, H.; Schaffer, M.; Herbst, F.-A.; Siebourg, J.; Mäder, U.; Lalk, M.; Hecker, M.; Becher, D.
Source Titel Nature Communications
Year 2010
Department PROTEOM
Volume 1
Page From art. 137
Language englisch
Abstract Functional genomics of the Gram-positive model organism Bacillus subtilis reveals valuable insights into basic concepts of cell physiology. In this study, we monitor temporal changes in the proteome, transcriptome and extracellular metabolome of B. subtilis caused by glucose starvation. For proteomic profiling, a combination of in vivo metabolic labelling and shotgun mass spectrometric analysis was carried out for five different proteomic subfractions (cytosolic, integral membrane, membrane, surface and extracellular proteome fraction), leading to the identification of ~52% of the predicted proteome of B. subtilis. Quantitative proteomic and corresponding transcriptomic data were analysed with Voronoi treemaps linking functional classification and relative expression changes of gene products according to their fate in the stationary phase. The obtained data comprise the first comprehensive profiling of changes in the membrane subfraction and allow in-depth analysis of major physiological processes, including monitoring of protein degradation.
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Otto, A., Bernhardt, J., Meyer, H., Schaffer, M., Herbst, F.-A., Siebourg, J., Mäder, U., Lalk, M., Hecker, M., Becher, D. (2010):
Systems-wide temporal proteomic profiling in glucose-starved Bacillus subtilis
Nat. Commun. 1 , art. 137 10.1038/ncomms1137