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Title (Primary) Biologisk mångfald i Linnés hembygd i Småland. 6. Humlor och solitära bin (Hymenoptera: Apoidea)
Author Nilsson, S.G.; Franzén, M.; Norén, L.
Journal Entomologisk Tidskrift
Year 2010
Department BZF
Volume 130
Issue 3-4
Page From 161
Page To 184
Language schwedisch
Abstract We collected and counted bumble bees and solitary bees in almost all open grasslands in an area of 8000 hectare over seven years (2003-2009) in the central part of the parishof Stenbrohult, southern Sweden (Fig. 1; 56o 37Ž N, 14o 11Ž O). This area is currently dominated by forests. Grasslands, mainly grazed by cattle and horses, only cover about 6 % of the area. We sampled 20 subareas dominated by grasslands, most often surrounded by coniferous forests and sometimes bordering lakes. Three farms are protected as nature reserves and more reserves are planned for other farms. Standardized transects counts, with 6 - 8 annual visits evenly spread over the period from the middle of May to the middle of August, were performed. Additional visits were made, also in April and September, on most farms (Table 1). In total we found 140 wild bee species representing 17 bumble bee species and 123 solitary bee species (Appendix). Using the Jack-knife method (Heltshe & Forrester 1983) we estimate the total number of species in the study area to 161. There was a high variation of species richness between the different farms, varying from 40 to 102 species recorded (Table 2). An area of about 50 ha, consisting of meadows and pastures on two adjacent farms, harboured 110 recorded species in total. The highest number of species was found on farms in the central part of the study-area and on farms with traditionally managed (harvest in late summer) and unfertilized hay-meadows. Details about phenology, nests and flower visits are given for less common species.
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Nilsson, S.G., Franzén, M., Norén, L. (2010):
Biologisk mångfald i Linnés hembygd i Småland. 6. Humlor och solitära bin (Hymenoptera: Apoidea)
Entomologisk Tidskrift 130 (3-4), 161 - 184