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20736 Vaz, A.S., Crouzat, E., Santarém, F., Grescho, V., Carvalho-Santos, C. (2018):
From pork to fork: The social experience of bundles of interacting ecosystem services through gastronomy
Ecosyst. Serv. 32 , 170 - 172
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18384 Vaz, A.S., Kueffer, C., Kull, C.A., Richardson, D.M., Schindler, S., Muñoz-Pajares, A.J., Vicente, J.R., Martins, J., Hui, C., Kühn, I., Honrado, J.P. (2017):
The progress of interdisciplinarity in invasion science
Ambio 46 (4), 428 - 442
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18134 Vaz, A.S., Kueffer, C., Kull, C.A., Richardson, D.M., Vicente, J.R., Kühn, I., Schröter, M., Hauck, J., Bonn, A., Hornado, J.P. (2017):
Integrating ecosystem services and disservices: insights from plant invasions
Ecosyst. Serv. 23 , 94 - 107
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21125 Vicente, J.R., Kueffer, C., Richardson, D.M., Vaz, A.S., Cabral, J.A., Hui, C., Araújo, M.B., Kühn, I., Kull, C.A., Verburg, P.H., Marchante, E., Honrado, J.P. (2019):
Different environmental drivers of alien tree invasion affect different life-stages and operate at different spatial scales
For. Ecol. Manage. 433 , 263 - 275
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