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4697 Backhaus, T., Altenburger, R., Arrhenius, A., Blanck, H., Faust, M., Finizio, A., Gramatica, P., Grote, M., Junghans, M., Meyer, W., Pavan, M., Porsbring, T., Scholze, M., Todeschini, R., Vighi, M., Walter, H., Grimme, L.H. (2003):
The BEAM-project: prediction and assessment of mixture toxicities in the aquatic environment
Cont. Shelf Res 23 (17-19), 1757 - 1769
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1076 Junghans, M., Schaefer, M., Drost, W., Hassold, E., Stock, F., Dunne, M., Juffernholz, T., Meyer, W., Ranke, J. (2008):
Reconsidering environmental effects assessment of chemicals: Proposal for a dynamic testing strategy
Basic Appl. Ecol. 9 (4), 356 - 364
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