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2441 Achilles, J., Harms, H., Müller, S. (2006):
Analysis of living S. cerevisiae cell states - a three color approach
Cytom. Part A 69A (3), 173 - 177
full text (doi)
1598 Achilles, J., Repenning, C., Harms, H., Stahl, F., Müller, S. (2007):
Physiology of living individual Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells - Investigation on cellular and molecular level
Cytom. Part A 71A (9), 760
full text (doi)
1597 Achilles, J., Stahl, F., Harms, H., Müller, S. (2007):
Isolation of intact RNA from cytometrically sorted Saccharomyces cerevisiae for the analysis of intrapopulation diversity of gene expression
Nat. Protoc. 2 (9), 2203 - 2211
full text (doi)
9745 Altenburger, R., Berns, A.E., Bittens, M., Brack, W., Burauel, P., Centler, F., Daus, B., Goss, K.-U., Harms, H., Kopinke, F.-D., Kühnel, D., Liess, M., Mackenzie, K., Miltner, A., Thullner, M., Wennrich, R., Wick, L.Y. (2010):
Chemicals in the environment (CITE). Report of the First Annual Conference of the Helmholtz research topic CITE
UWSF 22 (4), 502 - 506
full text (doi)
4699 Balazs, D.J., Triandafillu, K., Chevolot, Y., Aronsson, B.-O., Harms, H., Descouts, P., Mathieu, H.J. (2003):
Surface modification of PVC endotracheal tubes by oxygen glow discharge to reduce bacterial adhesion
Surf. Interface Anal. 35 (3), 301 - 309
full text (doi)
3945 Balazs, D.J., Triandafillu, K., Wood, P., Chevolot, Y., van Delden, C., Harms, H., Hollenstein, C., Mathieu, H.J. (2004):
Inhibition of bacteriol adhesion on PVC endotracheal tubes by RF-oxygen glow discharge, sodium hydroxide and silver nitrate treatments
Biomaterials 25 (11), 2139 - 2151
full text (doi)
22649 Balciunas, E.M., Kappelmeyer, U., Harms, H., Heipieper, H.J. (2020):
Increasing ibuprofen degradation in constructed wetlands by bioaugmentation with gravel containing biofilms of an ibuprofen-degrading Sphingobium yanoikuyae
Eng. Life Sci. 20 (5-6), 160 - 167
full text (doi)
10890 Banitz, T., Fetzer, I., Johst, K., Wick, L.Y., Harms, H., Frank, K. (2011):
Assessing biodegradation benefits from dispersal networks
Ecol. Model. 222 (14), 2552 - 2560
full text (doi)
16332 Banitz, T., Frank, K., Wick, L.Y., Harms, H., Johst, K. (2016):
Spatial metrics as indicators of biodegradation benefits from bacterial dispersal networks
Ecol. Indic. 60 , 54 - 63
full text (doi)
11446 Banitz, T., Johst, K., Wick, L.Y., Fetzer, I., Harms, H., Frank, K. (2012):
The relevance of conditional dispersal for bacterial colony growth and biodegradation
Microb. Ecol. 63 (2), 339 - 347
full text (doi)
15180 Banitz, T., Johst, K., Wick, L.Y., Schamfuß, S., Harms, H., Frank, K. (2014):
Corrigendum: Highways versus pipelines: contributions of two fungal transport mechanisms to efficient bioremediation (vol 5, pg 211, 2013)
Environ. Microbiol. Rep. 6 (4), 414 - 414
full text (doi)
12986 Banitz, T., Johst, K., Wick, L.Y., Schamfuß, S., Harms, H., Frank, K. (2013):
Highways versus pipelines: contributions of two fungal transport mechanisms to efficient bioremediation
Environ. Microbiol. Rep. 5 (2), 211 - 218
full text (doi)
11257 Banitz, T., Wick, L.Y., Fetzer, I., Frank, K., Harms, H., Johst, K. (2011):
Dispersal networks for enhancing bacterial degradation in heterogeneous environments
Environ. Pollut. 159 (10), 2781 - 2788
full text (doi)
23062 Becker, D., Popp, D., Harms, H., Centler, F. (2020):
A modular metagenomics pipeline allowing for the inclusion of prior knowledge using the example of anaerobic digestion
Microorganisms 8 (5), art. 669
full text (doi)
1647 Benndorf, D., Balcke, G.U., Harms, H., von Bergen, M. (2007):
Functional metaproteome analysis of protein extracts from contaminated soil and groundwater
ISME J. 1 (3), 224 - 234
full text (doi)
2496 Benndorf, D., Thiersch, M., Loffhagen, N., Kunath, C., Harms, H. (2006):
Pseudomonas putida KT2440 responds specifically to chlorophenoxy herbicides and their initial metabolites
Proteomics 6 (11), 3319 - 3329
full text (doi)
18095 Berthold, T., Centler, F., Hübschmann, T., Remer, R., Thullner, M., Harms, H., Wick, L.Y. (2016):
Mycelia as a focal point for horizontal gene transfer among soil bacteria
Sci. Rep. 6 , art. 36390
full text (doi)
2518 Boenigk, J., Pfandl, K., Garstecki, T., Harms, H., Novarino, G., Chatzinotas, A. (2006):
Evidence for geographic isolation and signs of endemism within a protistan morphospecies
Appl. Environ. Microb. 72 (8), 5159 - 5164
full text (doi)
10719 Bombach, P., Hübschmann, T., Fetzer, I., Kleinsteuber, S., Geyer, R., Harms, H., Müller, S. (2011):
Resolution of natural microbial community dynamics by community fingerprinting, flow cytometry, and trend interpretation analysis
In: Müller, S., Bley, T. (eds.)
High resolution microbial single cell analytics
Adv. Biochem. Eng. Biotechnol. 124
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, p. 151 - 181
full text (doi)
20987 Bonk, F., Popp, D., Harms, H., Centler, F. (2018):
PCR-based quantification of taxa-specific abundances in microbial communities: Quantifying and avoiding common pitfalls
J. Microbiol. Methods 153 , 139 - 147
full text (doi)
21502 Bonk, F., Popp, D., Weinrich, S., Sträuber, H., Becker, D., Kleinsteuber, S., Harms, H., Centler, F. (2019):
Determination of microbial maintenance in acetogenesis and methanogenesis by experimental and modeling techniques
Front. Microbiol. 10 , art. 166
full text (doi)
21221 Bonk, F., Popp, D., Weinrich, S., Sträuber, H., Kleinsteuber, S., Harms, H., Centler, F. (2018):
Ammonia inhibition of anaerobic volatile fatty acid degrading microbial communities
Front. Microbiol. 9 , art. 2921
full text (doi)
20988 Bonk, F., Popp, D., Weinrich, S., Sträuber, H., Kleinsteuber, S., Harms, H., Centler, F. (2018):
Intermittent fasting for microbes: how discontinuous feeding increases functional stability in anaerobic digestion
Biotechnol. Biofuels 11 , art. 274
full text (doi)
2549 Breuer, U., Harms, H. (2006):
Debaryomyces hansenii - an extremophilic yeast with biotechnological potential
Yeast 23 (6), 415 - 437
full text (doi)
9843 Buchholz, F., Harms, H., Maskow, T. (2010):
Biofilm research using calorimetry - a marriage made in heaven?
Biotechnol. J. 5 (12), 1339 - 1350
full text (doi)
12277 Buchholz, F., Lerchner, J., Mariana, F., Kuhlicke, U., Neu, T.R., Harms, H., Maskow, T. (2012):
Chip-calorimetry provides real time insights into the inactivation of biofilms by predatory bacteria
Biofouling 28 (3), 351 - 362
full text (doi)
1688 Buchholz, F., Wick, L.Y., Harms, H., Maskow, T. (2007):
The kinetics of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) biodegradation assessed by isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC)
Thermochim. Acta 458 (1-2), 47 - 53
full text (doi)
9842 Buchholz, F., Wolf, A., Lerchner, J., Mertens, F., Harms, H., Maskow, T. (2010):
Chip calorimetry for fast and reliable evaluation of bactericidal and bacteriostatic treatments of biofilms
Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 54 (1), 312 - 319
full text (doi)
15202 Bühligen, F., Lindner, P., Fetzer, I., Stahl, F., Scheper, T., Harms, H., Müller, S. (2014):
Analysis of aging in lager brewing yeast during serial repitching
J. Biotechnol. 187 , 60 - 70
full text (doi)
14316 Bühligen, F., Rüdinger, P., Fetzer, I., Stahl, F., Scheper, T., Harms, H., Müller, S. (2013):
Sustainability of industrial yeast serial repitching practice studied by gene expression and correlation analysis
J. Biotechnol. 168 (4), 718 - 728
full text (doi)
1692 Busam, S., McNabb, M., Wackwitz, A., Senevirathna, W., Beggah, S., van der Meer, J., Wells, M., Breuer, U., Harms, H. (2007):
Artificial neural network study of whole-cell bacterial bioreporter response determined using fluorescence flow cytometry
Anal. Chem. 79 (23), 9107 - 9114
full text (doi)
4761 Chapman, S., Buttler, A., Francez, A., Laggoun-Defarge, F., Vasander, H., Schloter, M., Combe, J., Grosvernier, P., Harms, H., Epron, D., Gilbert, D., Mitchell, E. (2003):
Exploitation of northern peatlands and biodiversity maintenance: a conflict between economy and ecology
Front. Ecol. Environ. 1 (10), 525 - 532
full text (doi)
9877 Deepthike, H.U., Tecon, R., van Kooten, G.K., van der Meer, J.R., Harms, H., Wells, M., Short, J. (2010):
Response to comment on "Unlike PAHs from Exxon Valdez Crude Oil, PAHs from Gulf of Alaska Coals are not Readily Bioavailable"
Environ. Sci. Technol. 44 (6), 2212 - 2213
full text (doi)
127 Deepthike, H.U., Tecon, R., van Kooten, G., van der Meer, J.R., Harms, H., Wells, M., Short, J. (2009):
Unlike PAHs from Exxon Valdez Crude Oil, PAHs from Gulf of Alaska Coals are not readily bioavailable
Environ. Sci. Technol. 43 (15), 5864 - 5870
full text (doi)
9936 Fetzer, I., Jehmlich, N., Vogt, C., Richnow, H.H., Seifert, J., Harms, H., von Bergen, M., Schmidt, F. (2010):
Calculation of partial isotope incorporation into peptides measured by mass spectrometry
BMC Res. Notes 3 , art. 178
full text (doi)
16809 Fetzer, I., Johst, K., Schäwe, R., Banitz, T., Harms, H., Chatzinotas, A. (2015):
The extent of functional redundancy changes as species’ roles shift in different environments
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 112 (48), 14888 - 14893
full text (doi)
22377 Fricke, C., Harms, H., Maskow, T. (2019):
Rapid calorimetric detection of bacterial contamination: Influence of the cultivation technique
Front. Microbiol. 10 , art. 2530
full text (doi)
23298 Fricke, C., Harms, H., Maskow, T. (2020):
How to speed up the detection of aerobic microbial contaminations by using isothermal microcalorimetry
J. Therm. Anal. Calorim. 142 (5), 1933 - 1949
full text (doi)
22963 Fricke, C., Xu, J., Jiang, F.-L., Liu, Y., Harms, H., Maskow, T. (2020):
Rapid culture‐based detection of Legionella pneumophila using isothermal microcalorimetry with an improved evaluation method
Microb. Biotechnol. 13 (4), 1262 - 1272
full text (doi)
12528 Furuno, S., Foss, S., Wild, E., Jones, K.C., Semple, K.T., Harms, H., Wick, L.Y. (2012):
Mycelia promote active transport and spatial dispersion of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Environ. Sci. Technol. 46 (10), 5463 - 5470
full text (doi)
9959 Furuno, S., Päzolt, K., Rabe, C., Neu, T.R., Harms, H., Wick, L.Y. (2010):
Fungal mycelia allow chemotactic dispersal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria in water-unsaturated systems
Environ. Microbiol. 12 (6), 1391 - 1398
full text (doi)
11696 Furuno, S., Remer, R., Chatzinotas, A., Harms, H., Wick, L.Y. (2012):
Use of mycelia as paths for the isolation of contaminant-degrading bacteria from soil
Microb. Biotechnol. 5 (1), 142 - 148
full text (doi)
6335 Garcia, J.M., Wick, L.Y., Harms, H. (2001):
Influence of the nonionic surfactant Brij 35 on the bioavailability of solid and sorbed dibenzofuran
Environ. Sci. Technol. 35 (10), 2033 - 2039
full text (doi)
18247 Ghanem, N., Kiesel, B., Kallies, R., Harms, H., Chatzinotas, A., Wick, L.Y. (2016):
Marine phages as tracers: effects of size, morphology, and physico–chemical surface properties on transport in a porous medium
Environ. Sci. Technol. 50 (23), 12816 - 12824
full text (doi)
22358 Ghanem, N., Stanley, C.E., Harms, H., Chatzinotas, A., Wick, L.Y. (2019):
Mycelial effects on phage retention during transport in a microfluidic platform
Environ. Sci. Technol. 53 (20), 11755 - 11763
full text (doi)
20148 Ghanem, N., Trost, M., Sanchez Fontanet, L., Harms, H., Chatzinotas, A., Wick, L.Y. (2018):
Changes of the specific infectivity of tracer phages during transport in porous media
Environ. Sci. Technol. 52 (6), 3486 - 3492
full text (doi)
11954 Gharasoo, M., Centler, F., Regnier, P., Harms, H., Thullner, M. (2012):
A reactive transport modeling approach to simulate biogeochemical processes in pore structures with pore-scale heterogeneities
Environ. Modell. Softw. 30 (1), 102 - 114
full text (doi)
14114 Giebler, J., Wick, L.Y., Chatzinotas, A., Harms, H. (2013):
Alkane-degrading bacteria at the soil–litter interface: comparing isolates with T-RFLP-based community profiles
FEMS Microbiol. Ecol. 86 (1), 45 - 58
full text (doi)
15436 Giebler, J., Wick, L.Y., Harms, H., Chatzinotas, A. (2014):
Evaluating T-RFLP protocols to sensitively analyze the genetic diversity and community changes of soil alkane degrading bacteria
Eur. J. Soil Biol. 65 , 107 - 113
full text (doi)
13678 Giebler, J., Wick, L.Y., Schloter, M., Harms, H., Chatzinotas, A. (2013):
Evaluating the assignment of alkB terminal restriction fragments and sequence types to distinct bacterial taxa
Appl. Environ. Microb. 79 (9), 3129 - 3132
full text (doi)
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