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16939 Grimm, A., Gruber, B., Hoehn, M., Enders, K., Henle, K. (2016):
A model-derived short-term estimation method of effective size for small populations with overlapping generations
Methods Ecol. Evol. 7 (6), 734 - 743
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13061 Hoehn, M., Gruber, B., Sarre, S.D., Lange, R., Henle, K. (2012):
Can genetic estimators provide robust estimates of the effective number of breeders in small populations?
PLoS One 7 (11), e48464
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16561 Hoehn, M., Henle, K., Gruber, B. (2015):
The effect of toe-clipping on the survival of gecko and skink species
Herpetol. Conserv. Biol. 10 (1), 242 - 254
14213 Lampa, S., Henle, K., Klenke, R., Hoehn, M., Gruber, B. (2013):
How to overcome genotyping errors in non-invasive genetic mark-recapture population size estimation — a review of available methods illustrated by a case study
J. Wildl. Manage. 77 (8), 1490 - 1511
full text (doi)
14094 Lange, R., Gruber, B., Henle, K., Sarre, S.D., Hoehn, M. (2013):
Mating system and intrapatch mobility delay inbreeding in fragmented populations of a gecko
Behav. Ecol. 24 (5), 1260 - 1270
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17536 Nelson, M.A., Herrero, L.J., Jeffery, J.A.L., Hoehn, M., Rudd, P.A., Supramaniam, A., Kay, B.H., Ryan, P.A., Mahalingam, S. (2016):
Role of envelope N-linked glycosylation in Ross River virus virulence and transmission
J. Gen. Virol. 97 (5), 1094 - 1106
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