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3194 Bester, E., Wolfaardt, G., Joubert, L., Garny, K., Saftic, S. (2005):
Planktonic-cell yield of a pseudomonad biofilm
Appl. Environ. Microb. 71 (12), 7792 - 7798
full text (doi)
930 Garny, K., Horn, H., Neu, T.R. (2008):
Interaction between biofilm development, structure and detachment in rotating annular reactors
Bioprocess. Biosyst. Eng. 31 (6), 619 - 629
full text (doi)
179 Garny, K., Neu, T.R., Horn, H. (2009):
Sloughing and limited substrate conditions trigger filamentous growth in heterotrophic biofilms — Measurements in flow-through tube reactor
Chem. Eng. Sci. 64 (11), 2723 - 2732
full text (doi)
9965 Garny, K., Neu, T.R., Horn, H., Volke, F., Manz, B. (2010):
Combined application of 13C NMR spectroscopy and confocal laser scanning microscopy-Investigation on biofilm structure and physico-chemical properties
Chem. Eng. Sci. 65 (16), 4691 - 4700
full text (doi)
2008 Li, J., Garny, K., Neu, T.R., He, M., Lindenblatt, C., Horn, H. (2007):
Comparison of some characteristics of aerobic granules and sludge flocs from sequencing batch reactors
Water Sci. Technol. 55 (8-9), 403 - 411
full text (doi)
1186 Li, J., Zhou, Y., He, M., Wang, Y., Wei, S., Garny, K., Neu, T.R., Horn, H. (2008):
Characteristics of aerobic granules from a municipal wastewater treatment plant (Originaltitel in chinesisch)
Chinese Journal of Applied and Environmental Biology 14 (5), 640 - 643
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