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23161 Baattrup-Pedersen, A., Graeber, D., Kallestrup, H., Guo, K., Rasmussen, J.J., Larsen, S.E., Riis, T. (2020):
Effects of low flow and co-occurring stressors on structural and functional characteristics of the benthic biofilm in small streams
Sci. Total Environ. 733 , art. 139331
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23071 Keller, P.S., Catalán, N., von Schiller, D., Grossart, H.-P., Koschorreck, M., Obrador, B., Frassl, M.A., Karakaya, N., Barros, N., Howitt, J.A., Mendoza-Lera, C., Pastor, A., Flaim, G., Aben, R., Riis, T., Arce, M.I., Onandia, G., Paranaíba, J.R., Linkhorst, A., del Campo, R., Amado, A.M., Cauvy-Fraunié, S., Brothers, S., Condon, J., Mendonça, R.F., Reverey, F., Rõõm, E.-I., Datry, T., Roland, F., Laas, A., Obertegger, U., Park, J.-H., Wang, H., Kosten, S., Gómez, R., Feijoó, C., Elosegi, A., Sánchez-Montoya, M.M., Finlayson, C.M., Melita, M., Oliveira Junior, E.S., Muniz, C.C., Gómez-Gener, L., Leigh, C., Zhang, Q., Marcé, R. (2020):
Global CO2 emissions from dry inland waters share common drivers across ecosystems
Nat. Commun. 11 , art. 2126
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