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23054 Bongers, F.J., Schmid, B., Durka, W., Li, S., Bruelheide, H., Hahn, C.Z., Yan, H., Ma, K., Liu, X. (2020):
Genetic richness affects trait variation but not community productivity in a tree diversity experiment
New Phytol. 227 (3), 744 - 756
full text (doi)
14247 Bruelheide, H., Nadrowski, K., Assmann, T., Bauhus, J., Both, S., Buscot, F., Chen, X.-Y., Ding, B.Y., Durka, W., Erfmeier, A., Gutknecht, J.L.M., Guo, D.L., Guo, L.-D., Härdtle, W., He, J.-S., Klein, A.-M., Kühn, P., Liang, Y., Liu, X.J., Michalski, S., Niklaus, P.A., Pei, K.Q., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Scholten, T., Schuldt, A., Seidler, G., Trogisch, S., von Oheimb, G., Welk, E., Wirth, C., Wubet, T., Yang, X.F., Yu, M.J., Zhang, S.R., Zhou, H.Z., Fischer, M., Ma, K.P., Schmid, B. (2014):
Designing forest biodiversity experiments: general considerations illustrated by a new large experiment in subtropical China
Methods Ecol. Evol. 5 (1), 74 - 89
full text (doi)
22514 Chen, C., Liu, X., Wang, X., Li, W., Qu, W., Dong, L., Li, X., Rui, Z., Yang, X. (2019):
Risk of temperature, humidity and concentrations of air pollutants on the hospitalization of AECOPD
PLOS One 14 (11), e0225307
full text (doi)
22559 Dong, F., Mi, C., Hupfer, M., Lindenschmidt, K.-E., Peng, W., Liu, X., Rinke, K. (2020):
Assessing vertical diffusion in a stratified lake using a 3D hydrodynamic model
Hydrol. Process. 34 (5), 1131 - 1143
full text (doi)
20249 Du, Y., Peng, W., Wang, S., Liu, X., Chen, C., Liu, C., Wang, L. (2018):
Modeling of water quality evolution and response with the hydrological regime changes in Poyang Lake
Environ. Earth Sci. 77 (7), art. 265
full text (doi)
20956 Huang, Y., Chen, Y., Castro-Izaguirre, N., Baruffol, M., Brezzi, M., Lang, A., Li, Y., Härdtle, W., von Oheimb, G., Yang, X., Liu, X., Pei, K., Both, S., Yang, B., Eichenberg, D., Assmann, T., Bauhus, J., Behrens, T., Buscot, F., Chen, X.-Y., Chesters, D., Ding, B.-Y., Durka, W., Erfmeier, A., Fang, J., Fischer, M., Guo, L.-D., Guo, D., Gutknecht, J.L.M., He, J.-S., He, C.-L., Hector, A., Hönig, L., Hu, R.-Y., Klein, A.-M., Kühn, P., Liang, Y., Li, S., Michalski, S., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Schmidt, K., Scholten, T., Schuldt, A., Shi, X., Tan, M.-Z., Tang, Z., Trogisch, S., Wang, Z., Welk, E., Wirth, C., Wubet, T., Xiang, W., Yu, M., Yu, X.-D., Zhang, J., Zhang, S., Zhang, N., Zhou, H.-Z., Zhu, C.-D., Zhu, L., Bruelheide, H., Ma, K., Niklaus, P.A., Schmid, B. (2018):
Impacts of species richness on productivity in a large-scale subtropical forest experiment
Science 362 (6410), 80 - 83
full text (doi)
14754 Litzenburger, U.M., Opitz, C.A., Sahm, F., Rauschenbach, K.J., Trump, S., Winter, M., Ott, M., Ochs, K., Lutz, C., Liu, X., Anastasov, N., Lehmann, I., Höfer, T., von Deimling, A., Wick, W., Platten, M. (2014):
Constitutive IDO expression in human cancer is sustained by an autocrine signaling loop involving IL-6, STAT3 and the AHR
Oncotarget 5 (4), 1038 - 1051
full text (doi)
23780 Liu, X., Bonhomme, J., Merbach, I., Kümmel, S., Richnow, H.H. (2021):
Uptake of α-HCH by wheat from the gas phase and translocation to soil analyzed by a stable carbon isotope labeling experiment
Chemosphere 264, Part 2 , art. 128489
full text (doi)
22775 Liu, X., Hilfert, L., Barth, J.A.C., van Geldem, R., Friese, K. (2020):
Isotope alteration caused by changes in biochemical composition of sedimentary organic matter
Biogeochemistry 147 (3), 277 - 292
full text (doi)
24115 Liu, X., Liu, Y., Zhang, L., Yin, R., Wu, G.-L. (2021):
Bacterial contributions of bio-crusts and litter crusts to nutrient cycling in the Mu Us Sandy Land
Catena 199 , art. 105090
full text (doi)
23451 Liu, X., Wu, L., Kümmel, S., Merbach, I., Lal, R., Richnow, H.H. (2020):
Compound-specific isotope analysis and enantiomer fractionation to characterize the transformation of hexachlorocyclohexane isomers in a soil–wheat pot system
Environ. Sci. Technol. 54 (14), 8690 - 8698
full text (doi)
23791 Liu, X., Wu, L., Kümmel, S., Richnow, H.H. (2021):
Characterizing the biotransformation of hexachlorocyclohexanes in wheat using compound-specific stable isotope analysis and enantiomer fraction analysis
J. Hazard. Mater. 406 , art. 124301
full text (doi)
25177 Ma, X., Du, Y., Peng, W., Zhang, S., Liu, X., Wang, S., Yuan, S., Kolditz, O. (2021):
Modeling the impacts of plants and internal organic carbon on remediation performance in the integrated vertical flow constructed wetland
Water Res. 204 , art. 117635
full text (doi)
14995 Nadrowski, K., Pietsch, K., Baruffol, M., Both, S., Gutknecht, J., Bruelheide, H., Heklau, H., Kahl, A., Kahl, T., Niklaus, P., Kröber, W., Liu, X., Mi, X., Michalski, S., von Oheimb, G., Purschke, O., Schmid, B., Fang, T., Welk, E., Wirth, C. (2014):
Tree species traits but not diversity mitigate stem breakage in a subtropical forest following a rare and extreme ice storm
PLOS One 9 (5), e96022
full text (doi)
20759 Schuldt, A., Assmann, T., Brezzi, M., Buscot, F., Eichenberg, D., Gutknecht, J., Härdtle, W., He, J.-S., Klein, A.-M., Kühn, P., Liu, X., Ma, K., Niklaus, P.A., Pietsch, K.A., Purahong, W., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Schmid, B., Scholten, T., Staab, M., Tang, Z., Trogisch, S., von Oheimb, G., Wirth, C., Wubet, T., Zhu, C.-D., Bruelheide, H. (2018):
Biodiversity across trophic levels drives multifunctionality in highly diverse forests
Nat. Commun. 9 , art. 2989
full text (doi)
14092 Sinha, S., Liu, X., Garcia, M.H. (2013):
A three-dimensional water quality model of Chicago Area Waterway System (CAWS)
Environ. Model. Assess. 18 (5), 567 - 592
full text (doi)
23966 Staab, M., Liu, X., Assmann, T., Bruelheide, H., Buscot, F., Durka, W., Erfmeier, A., Klein, A.-M., Ma, K., Michalski, S., Wubet, T., Schmid, B., Schuldt, A. (2021):
Tree phylogenetic diversity structures multitrophic communities
Funct. Ecol. 35 (2), 521 - 534
full text (doi)
24765 Telteu, C.-E., Müller Schmied, H., Thiery, W., Leng, G., Burek, P., Liu, X., Boulange, J.E.S., Andersen, L.S., Grillakis, M., Newland Gosling, S., Satoh, Y., Rakovec, O., Stacke, T., Chang, J., Wanders, N., Shah, H.L., Trautmann, T., Mao, G., Hanasaki, N., Koutroulis, A., Pokhrel, Y., Samaniego, L., Wada, Y., Mishra, V., Liu, J., Döll, P., Zhao, F., Gädeke, A., Rabin, S.S., Herz, F. (2021):
Understanding each other's models: an introduction and a standard representation of 16 global water models to support intercomparison, improvement, and communication
Geosci. Model Dev. 14 (6), 3843 - 3878
full text (doi)
23112 Tong, Y., Wang, M., Peñuelas, J., Liu, X., Paerl, H.W., Elser, J.J., Sardans, J., Couture, R.-M., Larssen, T., Hu, H., Dong, X., He, W., Zhang, W., Wang, X., Zhang, Y., Liu, Y., Zeng, S., Kong, X., Janssen, A.B.G., Lin, Y. (2020):
Improvement in municipal wastewater treatment alters lake nitrogen to phosphorus ratios in populated regions
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 117 (21), 11566 - 11572
full text (doi)
25185 Trogisch, S., Liu, X., Rutten, G., Xue, K., Bauhus, J., Brose, U., Bu, W., Cesarz, S., Chesters, D., Connolly, J., Cui, X., Eisenhauer, N., Guo, L., Haider, S., Härdtle, W., Kunz, M., Liu, L., Ma, Z., Neumann, S., Sang, W., Schuldt, A., Tang, Z., van Dam, N.M., von Oheimb, G., Wang, M.-Q., Wang, S., Weinhold, A., Wirth, C., Wubet, T., Xu, X., Yang, B., Zhang, N., Zhu, C.-D., Ma, K., Wang, Y., Bruelheide, H. (2021):
The significance of tree-tree interactions for forest ecosystem functioning
Basic Appl. Ecol. 55 , 33 - 52
full text (doi)
19373 Trogisch, S., Schuldt, A., Bauhaus, J., Blum, J.A., Both, S., Buscot, F., Castro-Izaguirre, N., Chesters, D., Durka, W., Eichenberg, D., Erfmeier, A., Fischer, M., Geißler, C., Germany, M.S., Goebes, P., Gutknecht, J., Hahn, C.Z., Haider, S., Haerdtle, W., He, J.-S., Hector, A., Hönig, L., Huang, Y., Klein, A.-M., Kühn, P., Kunz, M., Leppert, K., Li, Y., Liu, X., Niklaus, P.A., Pei, Z., Pietsch, K.A., Prinz, R., Proß, T., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Schmidt, K., Scholten, T., Seitz, S., Song, Z., Staab, M., von Oheimb, G., Weißbecker, C., Welk, E., Wirth, C., Wubet, T., Yang, B., Yang, X., Zhu, C.-D., Schmid, B., Ma, K., Bruelheide, H. (2017):
Toward a methodical framework for comprehensively assessing forest multifunctionality
Ecol. Evol. 7 (24), 10652 - 10674
full text (doi)
22082 Wu, L., Liu, Y., Liu, X., Bajaj, A., Sharma, M., Lal, R., Richnow, H.H. (2019):
Isotope fractionation approach to characterize the reactive transport processes governing the fate of hexachlorocyclohexanes at a contaminated site in India
Environ. Int. 132 , art. 105036
full text (doi)
25183 Xing, Z., Fan, L., Zhao, L., De Lannoy, G., Frappart, F., Peng, J., Li, X., Zeng, J., Al-Yaari, A., Yang, K., Zhao, T., Shi, J., Wang, M., Liu, X., Hu, G., Xiao, Y., Du, E., Li, R., Qiao, Y., Shi, J., Wen, J., Ma, M., Wigneron, J.-P. (2021):
A first assessment of satellite and reanalysis estimates of surface and root-zone soil moisture over the permafrost region of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Remote Sens. Environ. 265 , art. 112666
full text (doi)
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DNA sequence data as types of fungal taxa
IMA Fungus 9 (1), 167 - 175
full text (doi)
13306 Zhang, R.-C., Lin, Y., Yue, M., Li, Q., Zhang, X.-F., Liu, X., Chi, H., Chai, Y.-F., Wang, M. (2012):
Effects of ultraviolet-B irradiance on intraspecific competition and facilitation of plants: Self-thinning, size inequality, and phenotypic plasticity
PLoS One 7 (11), e50822
full text (doi)
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