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23362 Amali, A.A., Mersha, A.N., Nofal, E.R., Murray, K., Norouzi, S., Saboory, S., Salo, H., Chevuru, S.R., Tabrizi, M.S., Reddy, P.K., Abdullahi, A.O., Farahani, H., Kolhe, P., Fard, R.D., Salik, A.W., Hussein, A.H., Najafi, H., Poormoghadam, M., Adiaha, M. (2020):
Non‐conventional sources of agricultural water management: Insights from young professionals in the irrigation and drainage sector
Irrig. Drain. 70 (3), 524 - 540
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24622 Skidmore, A.K., Coops, N.C., Neinavaz, E., Ali, A., Schaepman, M.E., Paganini, M., Kissling, W.D., Vihervaara, P., Darvishzadeh, R., Feilhauer, H., Fernandez, M., Fernández, N., Gorelick, N., Geizendorffer, I., Heiden, U., Heurich, M., Hobern, D., Holzwarth, S., Muller-Karger, F.E., Van De Kerchove, R., Lausch, A., Leitãu, P.J., Lock, M.C., Mücher, C.A., O’Connor, B., Rocchini, D., Roeoesli, C., Turner, W., Vis, J.K., Wang, T., Wegmann, M., Wingate, V. (2021):
Priority list of biodiversity metrics to observe from space
Nat. Ecol. Evol. 5 (7), 896 - 906
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7741 Wassmann, R., Buendia, L.V., Lantin, R.S., Bueno, C.S., Lubigan, L.A., Umali, A., Nocon, N.N., Javellana, A.M., Neue, H.U. (2000):
Mechanisms of crop management impact on methane emissions from rice fields in Los Banos, Philippines
Nutr. Cycl. Agroecosyst. 58 (1/3), 107 - 119
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