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22613 Kannath, S., Adamczyk, P., Wu, L., Richnow, H.H., Dybala-Defratyka, A. (2019):
Can alkaline hydrolysis of γ-HCH serve as a model reaction to study its aerobic enzymatic dehydrochlorination by LinA?
Int. J. Mol. Sci. 20 (23), art. 5955
full text (doi)
24844 Li, W., Hooper, D.U., Wu, L., Bakker, J.D., Gianuca, A.T., Wu, X.B., Taube, F., Wang, C., Bai, Y. (2021):
Grazing regime alters plant community structure via patch-scale diversity in semiarid grasslands
Ecosphere 12 (6), e03547
full text (doi)
22034 Lian, S., Wu, L., Nikolausz, M., Lechtenfeld, O.J., Richnow, H.H. (2019):
2H and 13C isotope fractionation analysis of organophosphorus compounds for characterizing transformation reactions in biogas slurry: Potential for anaerobic treatment of contaminated biomass
Water Res. 163 , art. 114882
full text (doi)
20781 Liu, J., Wu, L., Kümmel, S., Yao, J., Schaefer, T., Herrmann, H., Richnow, H.-H. (2018):
Carbon and hydrogen stable isotope analysis for characterizing the chemical degradation of tributyl phosphate
Chemosphere 212 , 133 - 142
full text (doi)
23451 Liu, X., Wu, L., Kümmel, S., Merbach, I., Lal, R., Richnow, H.H. (2020):
Compound-specific isotope analysis and enantiomer fractionation to characterize the transformation of hexachlorocyclohexane isomers in a soil–wheat pot system
Environ. Sci. Technol. 54 (14), 8690 - 8698
full text (doi)
23791 Liu, X., Wu, L., Kümmel, S., Richnow, H.H. (2021):
Characterizing the biotransformation of hexachlorocyclohexanes in wheat using compound-specific stable isotope analysis and enantiomer fraction analysis
J. Hazard. Mater. 406 , art. 124301
full text (doi)
22157 Liu, Y., Wu, L., Kohli, P., Kumar, R., Stryhanyuk, H., Nijenhuis, I., Lal, R., Richnow, H.-H. (2019):
Enantiomer and carbon isotope fractionation of α-hexachlorocyclohexane by Sphingobium indicum strain B90A and the corresponding enzymes
Environ. Sci. Technol. 53 (15), 8715 - 8724
full text (doi)
24434 Min, N., Yao, J., Amde, M., Tang, C., Wu, L., Richnow, H.H., Chen, Y., Cui, Y., Li, H. (2021):
Compound specific isotope analysis to characterize degradation mechanisms of p-chloroaniline by persulfate at ambient temperature
Chem. Eng. J. 419 , art. 129526
full text (doi)
25135 Min, N., Yao, J., Wu, L., Amde, M., Richnow, H.H., Chen, Y., Wu, C., Li, H. (2021):
Isotope fractionation of diethyl phthalate during oxidation degradation by persulfate activated with zero-valent iron
Chem. Eng. J.
full text (doi)
20199 Passeport, E., Zhang, N., Wu, L., Herrmann, H., Lollar, B.S., Richnow, H.-H. (2018):
Aqueous photodegradation of substituted chlorobenzenes: Kinetics, carbon isotope fractionation, and reaction mechanisms
Water Res. 135 , 95 - 103
full text (doi)
19374 Wu, L., Chládková, B., Lechtenfeld, O.J., Lian, S., Schindelka, J., Herrmann, H., Richnow, H.H. (2018):
Characterizing chemical transformation of organophosphorus compounds by 13C and 2H stable isotope analysis
Sci. Total Environ. 615 , 20 - 28
full text (doi)
18413 Wu, L., Kümmel, S., Richnow, H.H. (2017):
Validation of GC–IRMS techniques for δ13C and δ2H CSIA of organophosphorus compounds and their potential for studying the mode of hydrolysis in the environment
Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 409 (10), 2581 - 2590
full text (doi)
22082 Wu, L., Liu, Y., Liu, X., Bajaj, A., Sharma, M., Lal, R., Richnow, H.H. (2019):
Isotope fractionation approach to characterize the reactive transport processes governing the fate of hexachlorocyclohexanes at a contaminated site in India
Environ. Int. 132 , art. 105036
full text (doi)
21689 Wu, L., Moses, S., Liu, Y., Renpenning, J., Richnow, H.H. (2019):
A concept for studying the transformation reaction of Hexachlorocyclohexanes in food webs using multi-element compound-specific isotope analysis
Anal. Chim. Acta 1064 , 56 - 64
full text (doi)
24982 Wu, L., Suchana, S., Flick, R., Kümmel, S., Richnow, H., Passeport, E. (2021):
Carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen stable isotope fractionation allow characterizing the reaction mechanisms of 1H-benzotriazole aqueous phototransformation
Water Res. 203 , art. 117519
full text (doi)
20630 Wu, L., Verma, D., Bondgaard, M., Melvej, A., Vogt, C., Subudhi, S., Richnow, H.H. (2018):
Carbon and hydrogen isotope analysis of parathion for characterizing its natural attenuation by hydrolysis at a contaminated site
Water Res. 143 , 146 - 154
full text (doi)
15513 Wu, L., Yao, J., Jain, R.K., Duan, X., Richnow, H.H. (2014):
An efficient thermotolerant and halophilic biosurfactant-producing bacterium isolated from Dagang oil field for MEOR application
International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences 3 (7), 586 - 599
full text (url)
14919 Wu, L., Yao, J., Trebse, P., Zhang, N., Richnow, H.H. (2014):
Compound specific isotope analysis of organophosphorus pesticides
Chemosphere 111 , 458 - 463
full text (doi)
20448 Zhang, D., Wu, L., Yao, J., Herrmann, H., Richnow, H.-H. (2018):
Carbon and hydrogen isotope fractionation of phthalate esters during degradation by sulfate and hydroxyl radicals
Chem. Eng. J. 347 , 111 - 118
full text (doi)
21304 Zhang, D., Wu, L., Yao, J., Vogt, C., Richnow, H.-H. (2019):
Carbon and hydrogen isotopic fractionation during abiotic hydrolysis and aerobic biodegradation of phthalate esters
Sci. Total Environ. 660 , 559 - 566
full text (doi)
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