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22514 Chen, C., Liu, X., Wang, X., Li, W., Qu, W., Dong, L., Li, X., Rui, Z., Yang, X. (2019):
Risk of temperature, humidity and concentrations of air pollutants on the hospitalization of AECOPD
PLOS One 14 (11), e0225307
full text (doi)
23189 Chen, S.-C., Sun, G.-X., Yan, Y., Konstantinidis, K.T., Zhang, S.-Y., Deng, Y., Li, X.-M., Cui, H.-L., Musat, F., Popp, D., Rosen, B.P., Zhu, Y.-G. (2020):
The Great Oxidation Event expanded the genetic repertoire of arsenic metabolism and cycling
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 117 (19), 10414 - 10421
full text (doi)
16242 Chen, Z.B., Kappelmeyer, U., Kuschk, P. (2014):
Benzene removal in laboratory scale model wetland under different electron acceptor conditions treating sulfate-rich wastewater
In: Wang, A., Li, X., Wang, X., Zhao, J. (eds.)
Advances in environmental technologies III : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2014 3rd International Conference on Energy and Environmental Protection (ICEEP 2014) April 26-28, 2014, Xi'an, China
Advanced Materials Research 955-959
Trans Tech Publications, Durnten-Zurich, p. 2083 - 2086
full text (doi)
20292 Dissanayake, A.J., Purahong, W., Wubet, T., Hyde, K.D., Zhang, W., Xu, H., Zhang, G., Fu, C., Liu, M., Xing, Q., Li, X., Yan, J. (2018):
Direct comparison of culture-dependent and culture-independent molecular approaches reveal the diversity of fungal endophytic communities in stems of grapevine (Vitis vinifera)
Fungal Divers. 90 (1), 85 - 107
full text (doi)
16998 Gao, K., Li, X.S., Chen, F., Guo, Z., Settele, J. (2016):
Distribution and habitats of Phengaris (Maculinea) butterflies and population ecology of Phengaris teleius in China
J. Insect Conserv. 20 (1), 1 - 10
full text (doi)
20291 Jayawardena, R.S., Purahong, W., Zhang, W., Wubet, T., Li, X., Liu, M., Zhao, W., Hyde, K.D., Liu, J., Yan, J. (2018):
Biodiversity of fungi on Vitis vinifera L. revealed by traditional and high-resolution culture-independent approaches
Fungal Divers. 90 (1), 1 - 84
full text (doi)
3570 Li, X.B., Nagaoka, K., Simon, L.J., Lercher, J.A., Wrabetz, S., Jentoft, F.C., Breitkopf, C., Matysik, S., Papp, H. (2005):
Interaction between sulfated zirconia and alkanes: prerequisites for active sites - formation and stability of reaction intermediates
J. Catal. 230 (1), 214 - 225
full text (doi)
17233 Li, X., Luo, Y., Yang, H., Yang, Q., Settele, J., Schweiger, O. (2016):
On the ecology and conservation of Sericinus montelus (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) – its threats in Xiaolongshan forests area (China)
PLOS One 11 (3), e0150833
full text (doi)
10252 Li, X., Luo, Y., Zhang, Y., Schweiger, O., Settele, J., Yang, Q. (2010):
On the conservation biology of a Chinese population of the birdwing Troides aeacus (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) On the conservation biology of a Chinese population of the birdwing Troides aeacus (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae)
J. Insect Conserv. 14 (3), 257 - 268
full text (doi)
13973 Li, X., Settele, J., Schweiger, O., Zhang, Y., Lu, Z., Wang, M., Zeng, J. (2013):
Evidence-based environmental laws for China
Science 341 (6149), 958
full text (doi)
11818 Li, X.S., Luo, Y.Q., Yuan, S.Y., Zhang, Y.L., Settele, J. (2011):
Forest management and its impact on present and potential future Chinese insect biodiversity—A butterfly case study from Gansu Province
J. Nat. Conserv. 19 (5), 285 - 295
full text (doi)
11586 Li, X.-S., Zhang, Y.L., Fang, J.-H., Schweiger, O., Settele, J. (2011):
A butterfly hotspot in western China, its environmental threats and conservation
J. Insect Conserv. 15 (5), 617 - 632
full text (doi)
13131 Li, X.-S., Zhang, Y.L., Settele, J., Franzén, M., Schweiger, O. (2013):
Long-distance dispersal and habitat use of the butterfly Byasa impediens in a fragmented subtropical forest
Insect. Conserv. Divers. 6 (2), 170 - 178
full text (doi)
24469 Li, X., Wang, Y., Luo, Y., Wen, J., Li, H., Gottschalk, E., Settele, J., Schweiger, O. (2021):
Opportunities to improve China’s biodiversity protection laws
Nat. Ecol. Evol. 5 (6), 726 - 732
full text (doi)
2822 Li, X., Zhang, Y., Luo, Y., Settele, J. (2006):
Life history, life table, habitat, and conservation of Byasa impediens (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae)
Acta Ecologica Sinica 26 (10), 3184 - 3197
full text (doi)
23115 Neale, P.A., Escher, B.I. (2020):
Mixture modelling and effect-directed analysis for identification of chemicals, mixtures and effects of concern
In: Jiang, G., Li, X. (eds.)
A new paradigm for environmental chemistry and toxicology : from concepts to insights
Springer Singapore, Singapore, p. 87 - 97
full text (doi)
16100 Paine, C.E.T., Amissah, L., Auge, H., Baraloto, C., Baruffol, M., Bourland, N., Bruelheide, H., Dainou, K., de Gouvenain, R.C., Doucet, J.-L., Doust, S., Fine, P.V.A., Fortunel, C., Haase, J., Holl, K.D., Jactel, H., Li, X., Kitajima, K., Koricheva, J., Martínez-Garza, C., Messier, C., Paquette, A., Philipson, C., Piotto, D., Poorter, L., Posada, J.M., Potvin, C., Rainio, K., Russo, S.E., Ruiz-Jaen, M., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Webb, C.O., Wright, S.J., Zahawi, R.A., Hector, A. (2015):
Globally, functional traits are weak predictors of juvenile tree growth, and we do not know why
J. Ecol. 103 (4), 978 - 989
full text (doi)
20716 Rahmati, M., Weihermüller, L., Vanderborght, J., Pachepsky, Y.A., Mao, L., Sadeghi, S.H., Moosavi, N., Kheirfam, H., Montzka, C., Van Looy, K., Toth, B., Hazbavi, Z., Al Yamani, W., Albalasmeh, A.A., Alghzawi, M.Z., Angulo-Jaramillo, R., Dantas Antonino, A.C., Arampatzis, G., Armindo, R.A., Asadi, H., Bamutaze, Y., Batlle-Aguilar, J., Béchet, B., Becker, F., Blöschl, G., Bohne, K., Braud, I., Castellano, C., Cerdà, A., Chalhoub, M., Cichota, R., Císlerová, M., Clothier, B., Coquet, Y., Cornelis, W., Corradini, C., Paiva Coutinho, A., de Oliveira, M.B., de Macedo, J.R., Durães, M.F., Emami, H., Eskandari, I., Farajnia, A., Flammini, A., Fodor, N., Gharaibeh, M., Ghavimipanah, M.H., Ghezzehei, T.A., Giertz, S., Hatzigiannakis, E.G., Horn, R., Jiménez, J.J., Jacques, D., Keesstra, S.D., Kelishadi, H., Kiani-Harchegani, M., Kouselou, M., Jha, M.K., Lassabatere, L., Li, X., Liebig, M.A., Lichner, L., López, M.V., Machiwal, D., Mallants, D., Mallmann, M.S., de Oliveira Marques, J.D., Marshall, M.R., Mertens, J., Meunier, F., Mohammadi, M.H., Mohanty, B.P., Pulido-Moncada, M., Montenegro, S., Morbidelli, R., Moret-Fernández, D., Moosavi, A.A., Moosavi, M.R., Mousavi, S.B., Mozaffari, H., Nabiollahi, K., Neyshabouri, M.R., Ottoni, M.V., Ottoni Filho, T.B., Pahlavan-Rad, M.R., Panagopoulos, A., Peth, S., Peyneau, P.-E., Picciafuoco, T., Poesen, J., Pulido, M., Reinert, D.J., Reinsch, S., Rezaei, M., Roberts, F.P., Robinson, D., Rodrigo-Comino, J., Rotunno Filho, O.C., Saito, T., Suganuma, H., Saltalippi, H., Sándor, R., Schütt, B., Seeger, M., Sepehrnia, N., Moghaddam, E.S., Shukla, M., Shutaro, S., Sorando, R., Stanley, A.A., Strauss, P., Su, Z., Taghizadeh-Mehrjardi, R., Taguas, E., Teixeira, W.G., Vaezi, A.R., Vafakhah, M., Vogel, T., Vogeler, I., Votrubova, J., Werner, S., Winarski, T., Yilmaz, D., Young, M.H., Zacharias, S., Zeng, Y., Zhao, Y., Zhao, H., Vereecken, H. (2018):
Development and analysis of the Soil Water Infiltration Global database
Earth Syst. Sci. Data 10 (3), 1237 - 1263
full text (doi)
14457 Vogel, H.-J., Clothier, B., Li, X.-Y., Lin, H.S. (2013):
Hydropedology—a perspective on current research
Vadose Zone J. 12 (4), 10.2136/vzj2013.09.0161
full text (doi)
691 Wang, B., Chen, J., Li, X., Wang, Y., Chen, L., Zhu, M., Yu, H., Kühne, R., Schüürmann, G. (2009):
Estimation of soil organic carbon normalized sorption coefficient (Koc) using least squares-support vector machine
QSAR Comb. Sci. 28 (5), 561 - 567
full text (doi)
25308 Wang, F., Harindintwali, J.D., Yuan, Z., Wang, M., Wang, F., Li, S., Yin, Z., Huang, L., Fu, Y., Li, L., Chang, S.X., Zhang, L., Rinklebe, J., Yuan, Z., Zhu, Q., Xiang, L., Tsang, D.C.W., Xu, L., Jiang, X., Liu, J., Wei, N., Kästner, M., Zou, Y., Ok, Y.S., Shen, J., Peng, D., Zhang, W., Barcelo, D., Zhou, Y., Bai, Z., Li, B., Zhang, B., Wei, K., Cao, H., Tan, Z., Zhao, L., He, X., Zheng, J., Bolan, N., Liu, X., Huang, C., Dietmann, S., Luo, M., Sun, N., Gong, J., Brahushi, F., Zhang, T., Xiao, C., Li, X., Chen, W., Jiao, N., Lehmann, J., Zhu, Y.-G., Jin, H., Schaeffer, A., Tiedje, J.M., Chen, J.M. (2021):
Technologies and perspectives for achieving carbon neutrality
The Innovation 2 (4), art. 100180
full text (doi)
20996 Wu, B.-W., Gao, C., Chen, L., Buscot, F., Goldmann, K., Purahong, W., Ji, N.-N., Wang, Y.-L., Lü, P.-P., Li, X.-C., Guo, L.-D. (2018):
Host phylogeny is a major determinant of Fagaceae-associated ectomycorrhizal fungal community assembly at a regional scale
Front. Microbiol. 9 , art. 2409
full text (doi)
16241 Wu, S., Lv, T., Kuschk, P., Chen, L., Dong, R.J. (2013):
Comparative laboratory-scale study of resorcinol and nitrogen removal in different treatment wetlands
In: Zhao, J., Iranpour, R., Li, X., Jin, B. (eds.)
Advances in environmental technologies : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 2nd International Conference on Energy and Environmental Protection (ICEEP 2013), April 19-21, 2013, Guilin, China
Advanced Materials Research 726-731
Trans Tech Publications, Durnten-Zurich, p. 1643 - 1653
full text (doi)
12464 Wu, S., Lv, T., Li, C., Kuschk, P., Wiessner, A., Pang, C., Dong, R. (2012):
Effect of nitrate on sulphur transformations depending on carbon load in laboratory-scale wetlands treating artificial sewage
In: Iranpour, R., Zhao, J., Wang, A., Yang, F., Li, X. (eds.)
Advances in Environmental Science and Engineering. Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2012 International Conference on Energy and Environmental Protection (ICEEP 2012), June 23-24, 2012, Hohhot, China
Advanced Materials Research 518-523
Trans Tech Publications, Durnten-Zurich, p. 1902 - 1912
full text (doi)
25183 Xing, Z., Fan, L., Zhao, L., De Lannoy, G., Frappart, F., Peng, J., Li, X., Zeng, J., Al-Yaari, A., Yang, K., Zhao, T., Shi, J., Wang, M., Liu, X., Hu, G., Xiao, Y., Du, E., Li, R., Qiao, Y., Shi, J., Wen, J., Ma, M., Wigneron, J.-P. (2021):
A first assessment of satellite and reanalysis estimates of surface and root-zone soil moisture over the permafrost region of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Remote Sens. Environ. 265 , art. 112666
full text (doi)
19824 Zhuang, H., Yago, M., Settele, J., Li, X., Ueshima, R., Grishin, N.V., Wang, M. (2018):
Species richness of Eurasian Zephyrus hairstreaks (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae: Theclini) with implications on historical biogeography: An NDM/VNDM approach
PLOS One 13 (1), e0191049
full text (doi)
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